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Recommend 4 top cryptocurrency games to make money blockchain games

In just a few years, cryptocurrencies have captured our imaginations and changed the way we think about and use money. As cryptocurrencies become more mainstream, game developers are starting to take notice, creating money-making blockchain games. Although the lucrative blockchain gaming industry…
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What is ERC20?Introducing 4 Best ERC20 Tokens to Invest in

What is ERC20? ERC-20 is a series of cryptocurrencies defined and issued based on the Ethereum token standard. It was created by Vitalik Buterin (nicknamed Vitalik Buterin), the founder of the early Ethereum. He proposed the 20th Ethereum in 2015. Token standards,…
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Secret Network Overview: The First Privacy-Focused Platform for Web3

As the web3 space develops, regular users, pioneers, and institutions are learning more about the system, discovering its strengths and weaknesses. A disadvantage that increasingly affects the operation and even the meaning of blockchains is non-anonymity and privacy. Currently, the vast majority…
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The 4 Most Promising Cryptocurrencies of 2023

After the FTX incident, although the cryptocurrency market has flourished in the past few years, it has also ushered in a cold winter for the cryptocurrency industry. Still, there are some cryptocurrencies with the most potential to help investors hedge their portfolios…
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Understanding the Dynamics of the Open Hash Rate Market

The Lumerin Hashpower Marketplace will for the first time allow Bitcoin mining hashrate to be traded on the open market in a decentralized, peer-to-peer fashion. This commoditization of hash rate opens up a wide range of possibilities and reasons for both parties…
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