PolygonLEAP accelerator program spawns 6 Web3 startups

PolygonLEAP, the Web3 accelerator program, has announced six startups that have emerged from its incubation program and will share its $250,000 grand prize.

PolygonLEAP is launched in 2021 by Polygon in partnership with Lumos Labs. The first iteration of the incubation program started in December with 31 projects covering payments, games, metaverse and NFT projects.

Startups emerging from the program are: Zoksh (no-code payment gateway); Defy (NFT lending protocol); AirChain (dApp toolkit); Respect.club (web3 social gaming platform); Spheron (hosting platform); and Zippy Fitness (Metaverse fitness solution).

Winning projects will be shared from a $250,000 grant pool and will receive ecosystem and marketing support from Polygon and Lumos Labs.

Polygon will do its best to support startups solving real-world problems, said Dalip Tyagi, Polygon’s senior vice president of developer relations.

Tyagi added:

“I believe that projects emerging through programs like PolygonLEAP have real potential to solve real-world challenges and become successful businesses of the future. The top-tier projects in this accelerator promise a vision that can be greatly expanded.”

Polygon welcomes new projects

Polygon CEO Rayn Watt had earlier said that the network was welcoming the new project with open arms.

After Terra collapsed, more than 48 projects migrated to the Polygon network to continue developing their projects.

Polygon has welcomed major brands like Stripe, Liverpool FC and they started building their projects on the web.

Since launching a $100 million fund for blockchain game developers, Polygon has seen an influx of gaming protocols into its ecosystem.

Aavegotchi launched Gotchi Land on Polygon and the network attracted over 102,000 new users.

Polygon recently partnered with Neowiz to launch the “Intella X” Web3 gaming platform.

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