Polkadot announced that it will launch NPoS within 48 hours, entering the second milestone

According to Polkadot official news, in the next 48 hours, the project will conduct the first NPoS (nomination proof of stake) validator election. This change will be the next step to further decentralize Polkadot’s power during the launch process, thereby providing pledge rewards for validators and nominees.


According to the official Polkadot network line diagram, once the Web3 Foundation has confidence in the stability of the network and there are a sufficient number of validator nodes to apply, the Web3 Foundation will use Sudo (a super user account with access to governance functions) ) To start the first validator election. This election will enable the network to transition from PoA to its second stage, Proof of Nomination (NPoS). In NPoS, the network is protected by an economic staking bound by validators.


Source link: https://twitter.com/polkadotnetwork/status/1273000532580409350

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