Planet ETH Weekly Report: The Goerli testnet plans to activate the Shapella upgrade on March 15; the trading volume of CME Ethereum options in February hit a record high

Odaily Planet Daily News According to the Planet ETH Weekly Report, in the week from March 6 to March 12, data showed that the trading volume of Bitcoin and Ethereum futures and options (calculated in US dollars) rose again in February this year. Bitcoin’s futures and options volumes are up about 13%, while ethereum’s futures and options volumes are up 2% and 30%, respectively. Bitcoin futures trading across all exchanges totaled $791 billion last month, up from $697 billion in January, marking the third straight month of growth. At the same time, options volume rose from $17.7 billion to about $20 billion. Driven by the FTX debacle, institutional investors are turning to regulated exchanges. CME’s ethereum options trading volume is at its highest level since it went live last August. Bitcoin options open interest also hit an all-time high, surpassing $1 billion for the first time. According to the official blog, the Ethereum Foundation announced that the Shapella network upgrade will be activated on the Goerli network in epoch 162304. The planned time is March 15, 06:25:36 Beijing time. It is expected that this will be the last before the Shapella upgrade is arranged for the Ethereum mainnet. A testnet upgrade. The Shapella community conference call is scheduled for March 13 at 23:00 Beijing time. Additionally, the zhejiang testnet can be used to test Shapella functionality before Goerli upgrades. In terms of the secondary market, the current ETH price may continue to consolidate in the short term, with a support level of $1,450 and a resistance level of $1,500.

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