PIP.me’s customizable eWeb3 pages facilitate a decentralized creator economy

Cryptocurrencies continue to enter the mainstream with innovative solutions. For example, the improved PIP.me service makes it easier for users to create their personalized profile pages for Web3 purposes. Additionally, it supports cryptocurrency payment buttons, display NFTs, and social media integration.

PIP.me is constantly evolving

The original PIP.me service has proven relatively successful. It mainly revolves around accepting cryptocurrency payments without sharing complex wallet addresses. For example, users can set up a dedicated pay button to let others send money to them. The platform is off to a good start thanks to its support for Solana-based transactions and currencies including SOL, USDC, SERUM, and more.

From the outset, PIP.me will integrate support for other blockchain networks. Not just for payments, but for unlocking the potential of Web3 technology. In PIP.me 2.0, this Web3-oriented vision has become even more vocal. The service goes beyond traditional payment methods to provide customizable eWeb3 pages for everyone.

Jeff Baek, CEO of PIP, said:

Provide users with more features

PIP’s original mission – to change the way people accept cryptocurrency payments – has been successful. The next goal is to allow users to personalize their profile pages, thus taking them to the next level. What’s more, users don’t need network knowledge to access this extension. Onboarding millions of users remains critical to the broader Web3 narrative, but it’s a tall order.

With PIP.me 2.0, users can explore a variety of new options. Initial support for PIP.me addresses remains the same. However, there is support for payment links across mobile and desktop, the option to display social media accounts and personal links, and embedding a single NFT asset or collection. These NFTs come from all major NFT marketplaces, including Solana’s Magic Eden and Ethereum’s OpenSea.

Users who have personalized profile pages set up through other services such as LinkTree can easily migrate their links to PIP.me. This is a welcome change for those active in the decentralized creator economy. Having a personalized eWeb3 page is the next step in the evolution of the industry.

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