OVR: Music Festival in Decentraland Virtual Reality

decentraland realtà virtuale

A new free virtual reality music festival was announced a few days ago, resulting from the collaboration of two well-known augmented reality and metaverse platforms: Over the Reality and Decentraland.

Over the Reality (OVR), the well-known Augmented Reality (AR) platform, is officially partnering with Decentraland for the 2022 Metaverse Music Festival.

Decentraland is a browser-based 3D virtual world platform where users can purchase virtual land in the platform as NFTs using the MANA cryptocurrency, which uses the Ethereum blockchain.

Designers can then create and sell clothing and accessories for virtual worlds or avatars in virtual worlds.

OVR co-founder and CEO Davide Cuttini said:

“Our partnership with Decentraland represents the future of virtual and physical events, allowing users to experience the best live events through Metaverse’s additional features, information and technology. We’re excited to offer our users the ability to watch their favorite artists live opportunities, as well as the opportunity to explore user experiences tailored for social interaction through AR.”

Festivals involving these two meta-realities will be fully interactive.

What would a virtual reality music festival in the Decentraland metaverse look like?

For the first time, augmented reality technology will allow fans of music festivals, especially of the house music and disco music genres, to attend the festival in complete comfort, without the need for tickets or headphones, with a high-tech user experience and, most importantly, comfort.

With cyberpunk and natural landscapes as the backdrop, the festival will feature up to 15 uniquely designed stages, performances by more than 100 music artists, and especially a new interactive experience in a virtual world.

Decentraland creative director Sam Hamilton said:

“The latest title set should look like a futuristic city abandoned for 100 years.”

Artists at the Metaverse Music Festival

From November 10th to 13th, the OVR stage will feature a host of artists, as well as celebrities such as Ozzy Osbourne, Dillon Francis (who will host the festival), SNH48 and Spottie WiFi.

On stage will be DJ and producer Reguard, whose February international hit and remix Due Lipa’s hit “Don’t Start Me Now” has nearly 2 billion streams.

His famous “Ride it” has long been a hit on the top 10 charts.

Nicola Fasano will also be in attendance: Nicola is a dance and electronic music talent known for remixes like I like to Move it or 75, Brazil Street.

Born in 1975, he started playing the piano at an early age and then graduated from the Conservatory of Music as a sound engineer. His research is evident in his repertoire and confirmed by his data: more than 275 million streams on Youtube and 6 million records sold.

Jamis, the Italian dance music talent known for “Renegade Master” starring Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike, will make an appearance at the OVR. His music incorporates Tribal, house and Edm pollution.

He has participated in the famous Belgian electronic music festival Tomorrowland and has collaborated with Nicky Romero and some of the world’s top record labels.

Also on the OVR stage is Danilo Rossini, who has been producing and mixing disco music for many years and has performed in the most famous clubs in Italy.

And that’s not all: one of the youngest and most established beatboxers in Italy will perform on the OVR stage, the Beatboxer Azel.

How do I participate in events in the Metaverse?

A QR code will be scanned on the OVR stage and users can download the OVR app directly: the OVR app will provide a unique augmented reality experience for the audience to enjoy all the DJ performances.

In particular, Decentraland’s Metaverse will allow users to participate in live DJ performances in video format: Decentraland promoted the hashtag #DCLMVMF22 on Twitter, which is certainly a way to create a community among users participating in the metaverse for unique And an engaging experience looks to the future.

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