OpenAI CEO’s encryption project Worldcoin plans to launch the main network in the first half of this year

According to PANews March 17, according to The Block, Worldcoin, the cryptocurrency company founded by OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, plans to launch the main network in the first half of this year. Worldcoin is partnering with Florida-based global manufacturing giant Jabil to outsource production of a portable iris-scanning device due to debut in 2021 to ramp up production of its iris-scanning spheres, according to two people familiar with the matter.

It is reported that Worldcoin plans to issue a globalized Crypto currency to everyone in the world, and build a unique personal identification code by scanning the iris with a spherical device developed by it, so that the Crypto currency obtained by each person is unique. Launched in the first half of this year. The project has nearly 1.2 million registered users to date, according to its website. According to previous news in February, Worldcoin plans to raise up to US$120 million at a valuation of US$3 billion.

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