Old Lu of the currency circle: Bitcoin’s $21,000 will be forced to suppress, and the Ethereum bookmaker will sharply rise to $1,560

Hello everyone, I’m Coin Circle Lao Lu. I thought of the rise of the dual currency, but Ethereum is still unexpected. First of all, we have to analyze the main reasons for this rise and the reasons for the failure. As those who like to pick faults say, you Lao Lu can’t When he was right, he didn’t mention it when he was wrong. In fact, it’s not that he didn’t want to mention it, but that Lao Lu didn’t take it seriously, because in the speculative market, it’s like fighting with armies. Let’s fight General Baisheng, the reason is the same, but in order to block the voices of Youyou, let’s simply mention the market situation to comfort the world. From the previous analysis, I personally still look at the range fluctuation of the dual currency, so from a technical point of view, I still look at a box fluctuation market, and Ethereum’s $1418 and $1180 are a box range. I originally planned to watch the top and bottom breakthroughs of the entire cabinet structure in November, but it was not as good as the sky. The channel line suppression of the line structure has a double guarantee for short-selling. If it is not for the old American to make trouble in the middle of the night, he may not believe it. People still walk the box honestly, so it is said that the dealer is the sky, we are human, and people are inferior to the sky. The form of Ethereum is very good, but Lao Lu has his worries. Before the explanation starts, let’s talk about Bitcoin first. If this is clear, the idea of ​​Ethereum will be clear.

Bitcoin, the box structure is: 18120 to 20450 US dollars, it is relatively well-behaved, and it is still in this structure, but this is different from the morphological structure of Bitcoin and Ethereum, because the structure and price have been completely disconnected So, is there a possibility of a compensatory rise in Bitcoin next? We first need to take this question and look at the rising ratio. Yesterday, the daily line of Bitcoin rose from 19,228 to 20,400, an increase of $1,200, while Ethereum rose from $1,322 to 1,530, an increase of $200. This ratio is far more than The previous one to one. So I think Bitcoin may still have to rush forward to make up for the vacancy in the increase. In terms of technology, Bitcoin does not have many skills, because it is still a box structure, and the amplitude itself is not high. The main purpose is just to talk about To pave the way for Ethereum, since we put the possibility of Bitcoin’s compensatory increase in it, it is precisely because of this kind of worry that we need to prepare for a rainy day. Therefore, we can go back a little when we go short and put it in the strong pressure range of 20,800-21,000 US dollars. On the one hand, it is the dividing line of 0.618 for the big cycle, and on the other hand, $20,800 is also the dividing line between the daily bull and bear, which is relatively important. As for the small knowledge points, I won’t say much for the time being, just wait.

Midline: Bitcoin is short at $21,000

Ethereum is still the top priority. The breakthrough of the box structure also means that the rise has a new target. We said earlier that the upper part of the entire box is $1418. Does that mean that $1418 is the whole A rising support level? From the analysis of the shape, there is no problem at all. In addition, it is still from the current shape to prove this support. The rise of Ethereum this round is mainly driven by two big yang pillars in four hours. One is the four-hour big sun at 8 o’clock yesterday evening. Column, the other is the Great Yang Pillar in the early morning. This Great Yang Pillar in the early morning can be regarded as the last big rise, and the magnitude is not small, about 120 US dollars, then according to the strength pattern, the bottom of this Great Yang Pillar rises starting point It is the support of this round of rising, which means that today’s rise cannot have a large retracement, so if the price retraces first, we can consider directly following up near $1418, and the defensive position is relatively simple, not falling below 1405 The U.S. dollar shall prevail, and the risk is low. Of course, this is the possibility of continuing to rise. There is also another possibility. The price does not retreat and breaks all the way, or even rises above $1,530. Then we consider the further resistance level to be $1,560, but At the same time, this price also has another concern, because the four-hour pattern has been oscillating at the bottom for too long, and it has gone for a whole month, so it is unfavorable for the falling pattern, and this long-term shock is easy Let the falling pattern lose its technicality, so from the perspective of robustness, it is not recommended to operate an empty order of 1560 US dollars with a large position, and the standard position with 100 times leverage is 5%. In view of the current slowdown of the entire market, so we once again The free experience group of the text version and the live version has been opened. Every day, the strategy list and the live live list will be released simultaneously in the group. If you are interested in watching, you can check the following. For the entire Ethereum market, the current $1,480 is not too high. The price of , go short, the price is too low for the rise, go long, once the pullback is near 1418, your long order will have no advantage, and the profit space will be greatly compressed, so we pay attention to 1418 and 1560. For these two positions, set the stop loss at the same time, and wait for the operation of the upper and lower prices, but pay attention to a little more order. If the price first breaks through and rises above 1530, and then retreats to 1418, this long order cannot be accepted. Remember, But the empty order is always valid. If the entire price trend breaks through the range, we will arrange it again. If you want to follow up on the free short-term strategy every day, you can pay attention to the following.

Midline: Ethereum over $1,418

Midline: Ethereum is short at $1,560

Today: 10:10 am on October 26, 2022 to write Lao Lu, note that all strategies take effect once and cannot be used repeatedly!

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