Old Lu in the currency circle: Ethereum’s rise in this round is pointing to $1,770, and Bitcoin’s new resistance in the next round is 22,400

Hello everyone, I’m Coin Circle Lao Lu. Before I start the market explanation, I want to say something simple. Yesterday, it was clear that the dual currency had a big fluctuation and reversed its rise. Lu’s official account left some insulting and provocative words (for details, please refer to the comments at the bottom of the previous article), and Lao Lu showed them all. What’s even more strange is that these people are all from the same area! Fujian, this time I have a new understanding of this area in Fujian. It seems to have been negotiated in advance. Ethereum slowly fell in the front. We started shorting for three consecutive days from $1,600, and the price finally fell to 1,500. No Hearing these fleas jumping out to say a few words, the price reversed yesterday, and its collar fell off. After a while of barking, Lao Lu broke into a cold sweat. I read the suggestions for the past four days, and it was nothing. What’s wrong, so I slapped myself hard again, how could you, Lao Lu, make mistakes as a teacher? How could your strategy go wrong? Then I patted my head again, but I still have eyes, a nose, and a mouth. Then I realized that you, Lao Lu, are also an ordinary person. In the end, I realized that it was not Lao Lu that was wrong, but this kind of “garbage man.” “Everywhere is just dumping their own garbage, and there is no dispute over interests, if you meet such a person in your life, it will be terrifying, the pattern itself is not high, and the tolerance is very small, so there is Its current status, what status? Violent. In fact, as an analyst, I only explain the trends and trends of the entire disk, and you are just a reference. There is no interest between you and me. If you are higher than Lao Lu, I believe you disdain to read Lao Lu’s articles. Whether you pay attention or not pay attention to me is not important, because the article is always updated, and it will not give up because of a few words of individual people. In fact, such things often happen, and when the strategy is right, you will be silent. Greeting the family at the wrong time, I took it out and said it was not because Lao Lu was arrogant, but to tell you that your weight with me may not have reached the point where I would shut up. Let the bad past, happy investment, and happy life, we can’t be influenced by stubborn people to become a positive person.

Ethereum, during the white session yesterday, the small Yangxian continued, and it retraced twice in the evening. It has refreshed the recent high of $1,680 at the current position. It continued to rise in a small wave this morning, but it did not break through the intraday high. High point, generally in this kind of strong rising market, our first choice is to continue to follow up the long order. This kind of long order is generally divided into three types, the position of the extremely strong watershed, the bottom of the hour line and the big Yang line, or back in the early morning. The low point of the withdrawal, we found that the low point of the early morning retracement still appeared, that is, it retraced to the price of 1607 US dollars at 12 o’clock in the morning. Today’s price is the watershed position, as long as it does not fall below 1607 during the retracement process. For the US dollar, the bulls will continue to open up to 1750-1770 US dollars in this range. On the contrary, if it falls below, it will be difficult to have a large increase today, and long orders will also need to be adjusted and eliminated. 1607 is our stop loss risk control today. Position, the retreat route has been formulated, and how should we choose the entry price? If we look at the current trend as extremely strong, we should not expect the price to retreat by a large margin, because the daily line closed strong the previous day. Yang, after the overnight rise, what we want to play is the continuation in the morning, so we still use aggressive operations, and the entry position refers to the vicinity of 1630, which is the 0.236 position of the hourly line retracement, which is a very small retracement range, because we What is considered is its extreme strength and continuity. If the price is further pulled up, the strong pressure level we consider is in the range of 1757-1775, which is an intensive area pressure. Because the current distance is far away, we can temporarily use it as a backup. For short-selling pressure reference, we should take care of the long position first. If the market moves fast and violently, we will give new suggestions.

Midline: Ethereum above $1,635

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