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Shocking news: popular liquidity staking platform Lido Finance will offer stETH redemptions for the “raw” cryptocurrency in mid-May 2023. This news comes after the Ethereum team announced that Shapella will be activated on the mainnet around mid-April. However, Lido’s updated protocol won’t be fully implemented until 4 weeks after it goes live on the Goerli testnet on March 20, which may Delay in withdrawal of stETH. To make matters worse, the company’s network was undergoing seven costly audits worth $1.2 million and had several failures that required immediate intervention. Although all bugs were fixed as of March 10, the public may still be concerned about the security of their staked assets. So, is Cosmopolitan profiting off investors’ safety? Stay tuned for details.

Lido Finance plans to accept stETH poga native cryptocurrency payments from May 2023

Lido Finance, the blockbuster in the Ethereum world and the leading staking platform, has announced plans to open stETH for the original cryptocurrency in mid-May 2023. This is a big step forward for users who want greater liquidity and flexibility on the platform.

But that’s not all, the company has worked hard to ensure the security of its operations and has invested no less than $1.2 million in seven security audits of its network. The results will be made public to everyone. In addition, Lido detected some issues which have been fixed in its code.

Lido users need not worry as the platform continues to work on implementing its new protocol on the Goerli testnet, which is expected to be completed in the coming weeks. Node operators will have four weeks to test and adjust the withdrawal function before the mainnet goes live.

Additionally, Ethereum is expected to activate the Shapella blockchain on its mainnet in mid-April, meaning validators will have the opportunity to unchain their ETH. This is a big step that shows the growing ecosystem in the cryptocurrency world.

In short, Lido Finance is paving the way for a safer and more liquid future for Ethereum staking.Stay tuned for upcoming news from this exciting company

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