Notable Web3 Social Projects

In the web2 era, users as content producers cannot share the value they bring to the platform, which has been criticized by people. And the web3 era will change that.

Even if social media is decentralized, the size of this market will undoubtedly be huge, so many Web3 social projects are targeting this area. Golden Finance has taken stock of Web3 social projects worthy of attention. If there are any omissions, please remember to DM us.

Lens Protocol

The Lens protocol is a “decentralized social graph” developed by the famous DeFi protocol Aave team. It is a permissionless, composable protocol on which anyone can develop the web3 social platform. The Lens protocol is based on Polygon and is currently deployed on the Polygon Mumbai testnet. The Aave team will launch a flagship social media app in the first quarter.


Many people have heard of it, POAP also called Proof of Attendance Protocol, is a collectible badge used to prove attendance at any event online or offline.


Backdrop is a social platform for DAO and other Web3 communities. This is a place to stay up to date on the latest governance proposals, funding, opportunities, announcements and community discussions for the DAOs you care about.

It can be used as a credential for DAO practitioners. User profiles show current projects and activities such as voting participation, participating POAPS activities.


Context is an instagram-like NFT social feed for minting, buying and selling NFT activities in any wallet or curation community you follow. Great for keeping track of the latest NFT activity. Context brings together communities such as FWB members, cypherpunk holders, and PartyBid .

New World

Orbis is a Web3 social network built on Ceramic and Arweave. This is the Web3 version of Twitter and Reddit.

With Decentralized ID (DID), users own their personal information and can carry it to different decentralized applications.

On Orbit, messages between Ethereum addresses can be directly crypto in a decentralized manner.


Yup is a curator social network built on the Yup Protocol, a decentralized social consensus protocol.

It’s a platform for curators, influencers, and tastemakers to put their stamp on the blockchain to prove they discovered content before it became trending. Users can curate Web2 content such as tweets, youtube videos, music, and Web3 content such as NFTs and mirror articles to earn YUP tokens.


Disco is like a data backpack filled with various Crypto identities of users, both on-chain and off-chain, that can be brought from dApp to dApp and choose what information you want about yourself (your Crypto which part of the identity) is made public.

Disco is coming in Spring 2022.


TokenPocket invests in incubation and capitalizes users’ core data to generate NFTs. These NFTs can be traded in any NFT market and integrated with any DApp, thus realizing the idea of ​​confirming user relationships on the chain. Social modules have been integrated on the community versions UniSwap and PancakeSwap.


Showtime is an NFT social network and marketplace. This is a platform for creators and collectors to showcase NFTs and create NFTs on the Polygon network, minting and listing for free without gas fees.


Founded in 2018, MattersLab was initially known as a “blockchain media experiment”, with its first product being the decentralized publishing platform In 2021, the agency will release the content co-creation NFT “Traveloggers”, and in 2022 it plans to release the creator DAO application “TheSpace” based on the HarbergerTax theory.

MattersLab recently completed a $2 million Pre-A round of financing. Longling Investment, ProtocolLabs, MaskNetwork, CrustNetwork, InfinityLabs, AssemblyPartners and IncubaAlpha participated in the investment

Breath Network

Combined with the decentralized community and the Web3 social platform that supports multi-chain transactions, on the platform, a group space can be initiated based on Token and NFT, and users in the space can chat, trade and govern.


Hyype is an NFT social platform for creators and collectors to write and share content about their NFTs. According to discussions on Discord, Hyype supports a range of different NFT projects and will soon support participation from any ETH wallet address.

XMTP: A communication protocol and network for web3 and cryptocurrencies, received a $20 million Series A investment led by a16z Crypto Fund. : reddit for web3. web3 career skills reputation platform.

Sapien: Ethereum -based social network Sapien.

This article helps you understand the current Web3 social industry. Now it’s your turn, please try the Web3 social project you are interested in and start the Web3 social journey.

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