Nissan Files for Web3 Trademark, Experiments with Metaverse Car Sales

Japanese automaker Nissan recently joined the metaverse bandwagon by filing four new web3-related trademarks. Nissan filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office on March 7 for new trademarks for the Infiniti, Nismo and Nissan brands. Nissan’s foray into the web3 space is a sign of a growing trend for automakers to integrate blockchain technology and the Metaverse into their operations.

According to a USPTO filing, Nissan has disclosed its intention to establish a marketplace for NFT trading and minting. The company also plans to develop virtual products such as clothing, cars, toys, headgear and trading cards. It aims to provide metaverse advertising services and entertainment services, including artwork, online video, audio, music, sound and trading cards. Additionally, Nissan intends to create non-downloadable Crypto wallet software and launch a website with information about its proposed NFT and how it would work.

This is far from Nissan’s first foray into blockchain solutions and the Metaverse. Nissan has partnered with Grease Monkey Games, a subsidiary of blockchain gaming giant Animoca Brand, to launch NFTs.

The company’s Japanese arm has begun exploring the potential of selling cars in the Metaverse. Nissan Japan is conducting a demo of its virtual store “Nissan Hype Lab” for three months (from March 8 to June 30). Inside the store, customers can learn, test drive, consult and buy Nissan vehicles in the Metaverse. The virtual storefront is accessible 24/7 from a PC or smartphone, and customers can create custom avatars. A virtual salesperson can interact at specific times, and customers can order a car and finalize the purchase through that sales office. Nissan Japan aims to explore new ways of selling cars through this pilot.

Last year, Nissan announced the creation of a virtual showroom for car launches and events. Through the AR interface Invisible-to-Visible, the showroom replicates the Nissan Crossing Gallery in Tokyo.

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