Nissan enters the Metaverse and NFTs with 4 new trademark applications

Nissan happened to file three separate trademark applications, one for INFINITY, one for NISMO, and a third for NISSAN. This suggests that the entity plans to deliver virtual goods, which include clothing, headgear, trading cards, and toys. Also coming are tickets and cars. There also happen to be plans to launch a virtual store and NFT marketplace.

Metaverse ads will also be included and will be relevant to online videos, images and artwork. In addition to the music, there will be other issues such as tickets, audio and sound. The source of all this information happens to be a tweet posted by US Trademark and Intellectual Property Attorney Michael Kondoudis.

After filing a new trademark application, the big Japanese automaker went ahead and kicked off a testing program for the Metaverse called the Nissan Hype Hub. This happens to be a virtual store in which the traditional way of buying a car can be performed within a virtual venue. Previously, Fiat and Kia Motors launched a similar joint venture, which included ChatGPT.

Nissan Hype Lab itself offers exactly the same amount of support. Users will move around the lab, building their own avatar faces, physiques and clothing, among other details. The website can be accessed from a PC or smartphone. A virtual assistant will also be available to provide comprehensive guidance.

As of now, Nissan happens to be one of many automakers that have applied for trademarks related to Web3 products. The precedent was set by General Motors and Ford and Mercedes-Benz, which just so happened to file for NFT-related trademarks. All of this seems to speak volumes for the existence of the Metaverse, which will always exist and will only grow.

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