Nissan applies for 4 new web3 trademarks, trial sales in the metaverse

Nissan recently applied for four new Web 3 trademarks for its Infiniti, Nismo and Nissan brands.

Japanese car brand Nissan has become the latest automaker to step up its Web3 efforts, filing four new Web3-related trademarks in the US, while its Japanese subsidiary is experimenting with car sales in the metaverse.

According to a trademark application Nissan filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on March 7, the new application covers its Infiniti, Nismo and Nissan brands.

Documents filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office show that Nissan plans to create virtual clothing, cars, headgear, trading cards, toys, tickets, and an NFT marketplace for trading and minting NFTs.

The company also outlined plans for a Metaverse advertising service and other “entertainment services,” covering online video, images, artwork, tickets, audio, sound, music, and trading cards, as well as a website with information about Nissan’s proposed NFT. All information and how they will work.

According to the document, there is also the intention for “non-downloadable computer software to be used as a Crypto wallet.”

Test Drive a Nissan in the Metaverse

Last week, on March 8, Nissan Japan announced that it will conduct a three-month “demonstration experiment” in its virtual store “Nissan Hype Lab” to “learn, consult, test drive and buy Nissan vehicles” in the Metaverse.

Nissan Hype Lab.Source: Nissan

“At the same time, we will study the possibility of new ways of selling cars,” it wrote in a statement.

The trial, which runs from March 8 to June 30, will allow customers to access the virtual storefront “24 hours a day” from a PC or smartphone. Customers can create their own custom avatar and even interact with a virtual salesperson during certain time periods.

Photos from a test drive at the Nissan Hype Lab.Source: Nissan

According to the announcement, customers can order a car and finalize the purchase through this virtual sales office.

Nissan Hype Lab allows users to buy Nissan cars in the Metaverse.Source: Nissan

Nissan also previously filed five trademark applications in October 2022 for some of its better-known models, including the SKYLINE, Z and GTR.

At the time, trademark attorney Mike Kondoudis said the car brand’s filing signaled plans for NFT-backed media, an online NFT marketplace, Crypto wallets, NFT minting, trading and storage software.

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Automotive giant General Motors has also been very active in filing NFT-related applications, with its latest trademark filing covering its Chevrolet and Cadillac brands on Feb. 16.

US automaker Ford Motor Company prepared to enter the world of NFTs and the Metaverse last September, filing 19 trademark applications for its major car brands.

Despite the ongoing crypto winter and bear market, multinationals are advancing trademark applications covering Web3, cryptocurrencies, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and the Metaverse.

According to Kondoudis, 2022 will see an all-time high in the number of trademark applications for NFT, Metaverse, and cryptocurrency-related products.

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