NIKE × RTFKT website update | Physical sneakers will be on sale from April 24

NIKE and RTFKT have updated their Crypto sneaker catalogs (websites). The new site also reveals details about the limited-edition physical sneakers.

From April 24, 2023, those who have qualified Crypto collection NFT (Crypto sneakers) can exchange for limited-edition customized physical sneakers. The Forge will run from April 24th to May 8th and will be available on RTFKT’s official website. The physical sneakers are expected to ship in the fourth quarter of 2023.

Participants will burn ERC-1155 tokens at forge and receive new ERC-721 tokens in return. The ERC-721 token should be saved as it will need to be linked to the physical item later via the RTFKT World Merging (WM) NFC chip. The physical sneaker is described as having an RTFKT WM NFC chip.

Anyone wishing to participate in a Forging event must ensure that they are not sanctioned by OFAC, the United Nations, the European Union, the United Kingdom, or any other applicable agency. Failure to do so will void the transaction and void any refunds. Participants need to confirm as shipments may not be possible.

The physical sneakers of NIKE and RTFKT were first provided by Cryptokicks iRL, and this is the second service. The collaborative sneaker also comes with an NFC chip, which appears to be available in physical form.

The sneaker NFT project is also released in the CT Analysis report, please take a look.

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We also have a wrap-up article on NIKE’s foray into NFT/Web3, so if you want to see what’s trending so far, check it out here.

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Article source: RTFKT x NIKE AirForce1

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