NFT Collection MurMur Cats Price, Stats and Reviews

What is a MurMur cat?

MurMur Cats are a collection of non-fungible tokens built on the Ethereum network launching on January 8, 2022. 759 items from the MurMur Cats collection are now available to view on OpenSea.

How many owners does the MurMur Cats collection have?

Within 429 days of release, the total number of owners has reached 467.

NFT Collectible MurMur Cat Prices and Sales

The market cap of the MurMur Cats NFT collection is 2,352.94 ETH. Since the creation of MurMur Cats, there have been 581 collectible sales at an average price of 2.30 ETH (~$3,646.94 at the time of writing). This creates a total of 1,336.497 ETH. MurMur Cats have a base price of 3.74 and a 30-day trading volume of 13.61 ETH. The payment tokens of the MurMur Cats series are ETH, WETH.

Why are some NFTs expensive while others are not?

NFTs are very new to the blockchain ecosystem and are still in their infancy. This is a nascent market, which means there is no historical data or precedent to help determine the value of NFTs. NFT projects launched in the early days of the market boom gained legitimacy purely because of their first-mover advantage. These “mature” NFT projects also have the opportunity to improve and learn from the problems plaguing the NFT market, thereby making themselves more valuable. When the NFT craze took off, many realized profits beyond their wildest dreams, creating room for opportunists to capitalize on market growth. While some NFTs can be considered Crypto art, created by artists who recognize the value NFTs can add to the creative space, others are created purely out of greed and the need to capitalize on huge market growth. NFT projects born of greed and exploitation often have no value and end up as garbage.

Is the MurMur Cats range overpriced or underpriced?

It’s hard to tell if the NFTs in the MurMur Cats collection are overpriced or underpriced. Making such an assessment will become clearer when the market for NFTs and metaverses develops more actively. Prices are also influenced by how the MurMur Cats collection is developed and promoted by its creators and community.

MurMur Cats NFT Collection Example

MurMur Cat #3

MurMur Pussy#0

MurMur Pussy#1

MurMur Cat #4

MurMur cat fees

  • Buyer Fee for Developers: 0 bps
  • Fees charged by sellers to developers: 1000 bps
  • Fee paid by buyers to 0 basis points
  • Seller fees on 250 bps
  • Buyer Fee: 0 bps
  • Seller fees: 1250 bps

MurMur Cats editorial list

The approved editorial account for the MurMur Cats series is 0x4574a002fba39c46097cfd4063b722a28509481c.

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