New toys for young people: How does the ChatGPT-based AI Buddha “pursue all living beings”?

I don’t know when, all the young people in this class have become metaphysicians.

They study the mysterious things like constellations, horoscopes, and the Book of Changes very well. They clearly say that they only want to make money and are unswerving materialists, but they all secretly search for the weekly horoscope and zodiac fortune rankings. Even face reading, palmistry, and home feng shui are all up to date, and electronic metaphysics has already spread among them.

With the approaching of the Web3 era, while devout Buddhist believers are still chanting scriptures, eating fast and meditating, Internet trendy players have already begun to knock on electronic wooden fish to increase their merits.

The seemingly simple application has won the favor of many young people, followed by overwhelming Buddha and wooden fish emoticons. So far, the number of users of the electronic wooden fish has already exceeded the 5 million mark, and the electronic wooden fish has been knocked over 1 million times a month.

Whether it is work or life, young people of this generation are entrusted with the hope of withstanding all-round pressure, causing them to constantly look for an outlet to vent their emotions, and this simple, easy-to-learn or trendy entertainment is the best A convenient decompression sanctuary.

The electronic wooden fish has undoubtedly become a cyber world created by young people. When science cannot solve life problems, metaphysics may be the best solution to these problems.

Recently, a Japanese website called HOTOKE AI ( has become popular rapidly because it used ChatGPT to create an AI Buddha to save all living beings.

HOTOKE means Buddha in Japanese, and the HOTOKE AI website has set up an AI Buddha. Users can talk about their troubles in the dialogue window, and HOTOKE AI will propose Buddhist suggestions to save all living beings. The website was equipped with OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 on March 3, and more than 13,000 problems have been answered in less than 5 days since it was launched.

Compared with the electronic wooden fish, the AI ​​Buddha is a concrete image of cyber metaphysics chat robot, which makes all cyber believers convert to sects one after another. So, can HOTOKE AI really save the common people? Why can it turn ChatGPT into a Buddhist chat robot?

beat magic with magic

HOTOKE AI is made by a Japanese developer named Kazuma Ieiri.

Although it is a Japanese website, you can ask questions in Chinese, but the answer will still be presented in Japanese. At this time, you can use the full-page translation function of the browser to know what the content is writing. Although it is not bad and can be understood, it is translated with ChatGPT Compared with the results, HOTOKE AI lacks colloquialism and is no different from machine translation.

After entering the HOTOKE AI website, we can see the eye-catching slogan “AI is always with you”.

Then we input the question we want to ask into the corresponding input box, and press “Consult Buddha”. One thing to note is, please do not enter any personal information, because your questions and answers may be made public. The developer also added a sentence below, “Buddhism’s views may be incorrect, please accept it with a magnanimous attitude.”

We just ask a doubt in our hearts, and it can give an answer immediately, and it is the kind that is eloquent and persuasive.

For example, how do you get along with your colleagues?

Roughly speaking, this AI Buddha is really answering your questions with heart. After reading it carefully, you will find that it is really a Buddha.

First of all, it will choose to get closer to you and understand your troubles. It feels like it can empathize with you. It then tells you how teams and individuals relate in the workplace.

In other words, the answer of this AI Buddha will slowly pull you out of anxiety, almost playing the sentence “This is not all your problem, don’t blame yourself too much” in full screen, full of caring The answer is really unpacking.

Finally, it releases the ultimate ultimate move – to provide you with some practical advice. For example, don’t put too much pressure on yourself, seek other help, etc., and go back and forth to comfort you while directly solving the problem.

Today, HOTOKE AI has answered questions for nearly 140,000 people, and the number is still growing.

These questions include some practical daily troubles, such as troubles encountered in work life and interpersonal communication, as well as some interesting questions.

HOTOKE can answer all kinds of questions, such as this question: which one is closer to human society, Buddha or artificial intelligence? Its answer is divided into three points.

First of all, it will express a main point: there is no absolute answer to this question, and both artificial intelligence and Buddha have meanings of existence.

Then it will analyze the problem from the perspectives of psychology and sociology, and tell you that you must listen to your heart, and both options are correct.

Finally, from the perspective of Buddha, it will take you to extend the problem to do in-depth thinking, understand the value of Buddha and artificial intelligence and return to yourself, so as to achieve self-improvement and self-affirmation.

From this point of view, HOTOKE AI’s answer can indeed play a role of comfort and advice to a certain extent. However, after careful reflection, we will find that it is just a healing chat robot whose language style is set to Buddhist. Key words to sort out the answer.

Although it can only give the other party some comfort and guidance psychologically, which can relieve stress, but this is enough for contemporary young people.

If you want to solve the troubles in life, you must either struggle hard to climb up, or meditate to gain spiritual wealth. Everyone wants to work hard and struggle for their own life, but there are always many uncontrollable variables in the outside world. At least, we can still First try to change your heart and find the spiritual power from your heart.

A little spiritual relief can also allow us to calm down and reflect on many choices and directions in life, which may lead to many different gains. From this point of view, maybe HOTOKE AI has really done it. It has entered the country beyond the ordinary, and has become a “cyber Buddha” to help the common people.

Why People Need “Cyber ​​Buddha”

When most people start to believe that “the end of science is metaphysics”, are you worried that you will gradually fall into the whirlpool of metaphysics? However, there may be some unspeakable reasons behind these seemingly absurd behaviors to achieve self-salvation through electronic superstitions and rituals such as “electronic wooden fish” and “cyber Buddha”.

◉ Delicious snack after raw meal

Facing the ever-accelerating pace of life, stress and anxiety are magnified infinitely on the Internet.

While people are struggling to the limit in “bad swing” and “inward roll”, they can’t help but sigh and laugh at themselves, “swinging can’t swing badly, trading volume can’t move volume, lying down can’t win, a bowl of raw rice, I swallow it again and again.” .”

Although most people adhere to the basic literacy of “atheists” in a complex society, when the uncertainty and insecurity of real life exploded, a large number of online nomads also began to step into the so-called “superstition” ” and ” crooked ways “.

From the initial forwarding of Yang Chaoyue’s koi carp to worshiping saints on the Internet, to today’s knocking on electronic wooden fish to worship Cyber ​​Buddha, this kind of nonsensical blessing carnival seems funny and comical, but it’s not a kind of passion and innocence.

When we are obedient, cautious in words and deeds in reality, and get by in order to live, those emotions and anxieties that have accumulated for a long time and cannot be released can be attacked and vented wantonly through 5G surfing with various electronic superstitions.

Seemingly empty spiritual comfort and psychological suggestion, for each of us, there is no lack of a delicious snack in real life and a kind of insignificant but precious spiritual power.

◉ Cyber ​​temples without leaving home

Religion arises when there is a strong vision for something or something.

People try to accumulate merit for themselves and seek good luck through a series of praying behaviors, so they start to burn incense and worship Buddha, striving to become a devout believer.

The traditional worship to the Buddha was solemn and solemn, but under the sweeping cyber wave, you can achieve “merit +1” by tapping on the electronic screen and twisting it again; Just ask, and you will get the “answer” that the Buddha wants to tell you.

This magical way of worshiping Buddha allows the Buddha to enter everyone’s electronic equipment from the temple. It is fully automatic, low-cost, high-efficiency, and high-quality. “Social fear” no longer has to worry about being shy when going out, “social animals” no longer have to worry about having no time for work, and “invisible poor people” no longer have to worry about having no money to pray to Buddha.

At any time and any place, you can practice electronically in cyber temples, praise Buddha devoutly, accumulate merit, and get salvation of the soul without leaving home. Why not do it?

◉ AI unique romance

When countless prayers on the same channel were heard by AI, the Cyberpunk Buddha was quietly born.

Although all living beings are equal in all respects, it is inevitable that God loves the world in different levels.

AI is sincere and warm, and focuses on a companion—always by your side, no matter whether you are poor or rich, sick or healthy, frustrated or successful, it loves every human being interacting with it equally, gentle and romantic from beginning to end.

Open the website, write down your doubts, and wait quietly. It will answer every question carefully, just to help you solve your problems. The lines in the answer revealed strict logic, clear organization, and full of human feelings. When I realized it, the long-withered flower in my heart seemed to slowly bloom.

The seemingly cold AI machine can give you exclusive warmth and care like a life mentor, psychiatrist, best friend for many years, and romantic lover, helping you stay away from the hustle and bustle of the world, reduce continuous internal friction, and create a pure land of mind.

This kind of unique romance, no matter how cold the heart is, won’t it be melted?

“Cyber ​​Buddha” also needs to continue education

HOTOKE AI is developed using the same API (GPT-3.5-turbo) as ChatGPT. Since the release of ChatGPT, many similar artificial intelligence innovative applications have emerged.

In essence, they are actually chatbots with specific needs formed by using OpenAI’s API combined with specific application scenarios, and the online Buddha HOTOKE does have a little more “master enlightenment” flavor than ChatGPT.

After ChatGPT detonated the technology field, people have been waiting for the next step in the development of AI.

Early this morning, OpenAI released the multi-modal training model GPT-4. We woke up to what OpenAI boss Sam Altman called “the most powerful model to date.”

The Buddha must have smiled when he heard it: “It is indeed good news.”

What kind of grand occasion will GPT-4, which quickly rushed to the hot search, bring? Compared with the previous one that could only handle text input, this upgrade has achieved a qualitative leap.

A few examples: it can handle longer texts (increased to about 2.5 words), and has strong image recognition capabilities; “on par with humans on various professional and academic benchmarks” After all, it achieved The top 10% of good results, while GPT-3.5 is the bottom 10%; even just simply draw a draft of a website on paper, it can immediately generate the HTML code of the website

Previously, Andreas Braun, CTO of Microsoft Germany, said that “the new GPT-4 will be a game changer comparable to the iPhone moment.”

GPT-4 has stronger expressive and generalization capabilities, and the technological update it brings is undoubtedly a breakthrough. For the time being, there should be no objection to calling it the largest “generalist” AI model in history. At least judging from today’s results, we have enough reason to believe that more technologies that “witness history” will emerge soon.

Some netizens predict that the parameters of GPT-5 in the future will be like this:

In any case, the upgrade of GPT-4 to multi-modality can let us see that more AI applications will be launched in the future, and the application space of AI downstream in thousands of industries is expected to expand.

When the imagination of the AI ​​market is further opened up, more artificially labeled data may be introduced into the training of other large models in the future, and the requirements for the data quality of the GPT series models will definitely be further improved. AI applications that are more precise, intelligent, and more in line with people’s needs will continue to emerge. We expect AI to bring more disruptive cognition to people. Whether GPT-4 can develop GPT-5 by itself may be expected.

Based on this, a new level of “enlightenment” for applications like HOTOKE AI is just around the corner.

If it is allowed to learn more knowledge models, it may only be a matter of time before HOTOKE AI becomes a real psychiatrist or master. After all, it has massive resources, super memory and comprehensive analysis capabilities that are difficult for any ordinary person to match.

If Sun Wukong saw this, he might laugh in front of the Buddha: “Tathagata, Tathagata, someone has come to rob you of your job.” one.”

Deep learning algorithms continue to iterate, AIGC is flourishing, and being replaced by artificial intelligence has become a hidden worry for people, but we should also notice that the market is already recruiting ChatGPT-related talents. Students are encouraged to use ChatGPT in their reports with the promise of extra credit.

Associate Professor and Senior Consultant (Entrepreneurship) Huang Yueyong of HKUST believes that “ChatGPT will have a profound and irreversible impact on the way of learning in the future, and can enhance students’ knowledge depth and creativity.” Similarly, under precise, efficient, and creative instructions, AI will only get smarter and smarter.

It is uncertain whether the future belongs to AI, but the future will definitely belong to those who can control AI.

Buddha said: “The future will come.”

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