Multiple rewards and benefits are waiting for you to unlock, CoinEx Pizza Festival is fully open

On May 18, 2010, a programmer named Laszlo Hanyecz in Florida, USA posted on the Bitcoin forum Bitcoin Talk: I would like to spend 10,000 bitcoins to buy two pizzas, preferably a large one. On May 22, Laszlo posted a bragging post about the successful transaction, saying that he had completed the transaction with a guy named Jercos and bought two Papa John’s pizza coupons with 10,000 bitcoins. And Jercos, who bought 10,000 bitcoins, said that he had sold the 10,000 bitcoins at a price of $400 in the second year, with a return rate of 10 times.

Buying pizza with bitcoin is the first time that bitcoin has interacted with the real world in a real sense, and it also realizes the purchase function of fiat currency. To commemorate this moment, the cryptocurrency industry has designated May 22 every year as the Pizza Festival, and May 22, 2023 will be the 13th Pizza Festival in the cryptocurrency world. Users, CoinEx announced that it will fully launch the “2023 CoinEx Pizza Festival You Shouldn’t Miss” event in May, and has prepared multiple online prize-winning activities and surprise gifts to enter the May carnival with users.

CoinEx Pizza Festival mainly covers the following three activities:

1. Invest in stories and win gifts

1. Activity rules

As long as you write a short story about your investment with CoinEx or a short story about BTC, you will have a chance to win mysterious gifts, and there are more CET rewards

For more event details, please follow CoinEx official Twitter: @ChineseCoinex

2. Activity time

May 1st – May 22nd, 2023

2. CETer Challenge

Participating users need to share stories about the wonderful journey of CET in the challenge activity of CoinEx official Twitter, and become a CET person to have a chance to win surprise rewards

1. Activity rules

(1) Follow @ChineseCoinex

(2) Users post items equivalent to 200CET in the comments, share when they first knew about CET or owned CET, or take screenshots of transaction pictures in the novice zone;

(3) The topics #CoinExpizzamonth and #CETerChallenge need to be added;

(4) Register a CoinEx account.

2. Activity time

May 10-May 25, 2023

3. Web3 blockchain application topic interaction to win prizes

4. Users who participate in the “What other Web3 blockchain applications do you know?” interactive topic activity on CoinEx’s official Twitter will have a chance to win gifts around CoinEx

1. Activity rules:

(1) Follow @ChineseCoinex

(2) Users who comment on posts will have a chance to win a CoinEx surprise gift package;

(3) Users who share on social media have the opportunity to get additional CET rewards.

2. Activity time

May 26, 2023

At present, the activity of “Investing in Stories to Win Gifts” is about to come to an end, have you already participated?If you have already participated, you can share your participation experience on your personal social media platform. If you have not participated, it does not matter. The “CET er Challenge” activity is in full swing. Friends who missed the first round of activities must not miss this opportunity to participate Users of the “CETer Challenge” event only need to share stories about CET’s wonderful journey in the challenge event on CoinEx’s official Twitter before May 25, and have a chance to win surprise rewards

At the same time, the “Web3 blockchain application topic interaction to win gifts” activity will start on May 26, 2023. As long as you participate in the official interactive topic, you will have the opportunity to win surrounding gifts. The participation process is also very simple, move your finger have the opportunity to receive benefits.In addition, CoinEx Pizza Festival also has many online activities and benefits waiting for users to participate and receive. Follow CoinEx official social media accounts, and you will have the opportunity to unlock and win all surprises

Founded in 2017, CoinEx has been committed to providing users with simpler, safer and more reliable cryptocurrency asset trading services. Just like the original intention of the Pizza Festival, CoinEx hopes to build a bridge for more people in the real world to enter the cryptocurrency world. To become a gateway for global users to enter the cryptocurrency world, so that more and more people can experience and enjoy simple, convenient, safe and silky cryptocurrency asset trading products and services.At the same time, CoinEx also continues to give back to platform users and provide more benefits. If you want to unlock CoinEx platform benefits, you must not miss this CoinEx Pizza Festival

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