Multi-client is one of the main reasons for the delay of Ethereum 2.0 startup

1589428630627556On May 14, according to The Block report, Ethereum 2.0 project leader Danny Ryan said that the multi-client is one of the main reasons for the delay of Ethereum 2.0 stage 0 startup.

According to Ryan, having multiple clients is critical to maintaining a high level of network security. “Client diversity is a core principle of Ethereum. If one or two clients are damaged or have vulnerabilities, the entire network will not collapse.”

Currently, there are seven ETH2.0 clients being developed: rinity of Ethereum Foundation, Prysm of Prysmatic Labs, Lighthouse of Sigma Prime, Nimbus of Status, Lodestar of ChainSafe, Teku of PegaSys, and Cortex of Nethermind.

Ryan believes that from the perspective of speed and security, Lighthouse is “the highest performing client to date.” It is understood that the Lighthouse development team Sigma Prime once said in March this year, “In the latest version, the performance of the client has been significantly improved, and UI research and development has officially started.”

On April 28th, the Ethereum 2.0 multi-client testnet Schlesi went online and supported the clients Prysm and Lighthouse. The testnet supports the Ethereum 2.0 standard at version 0.11.1 and has not yet supported the 0.12.x standard.

As of press time, ETH was quoted at US $ 198, up 4.21% in 24 hours.

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