MOOAR White Paper: Generative NFT Tool (GNT) is open to all MOOAR members

According to news on March 14, the NFT Launchpad MOOAR white paper released by STEPN developer Find Satoshi Lab (FSL) shows that the Generative NFT Tool (GNT) is open to all MOOAR members. Among them, general members (General Members) can only generate 1-3 preview images without this casting option, and can try up to 5 times a day. VIP members can create and submit up to 1,000 NFTs in batches. Once the series is generated and the results of the prompt trail are confirmed, this NFT series will be open to the public for FairMint, with a maximum of 25 attempts per day. It should be noted that this function is limited to use on the Solana chain. During the Alpha testing phase, GMT is not required to generate NFT, but in the future, GMT will need to be destroyed to generate NFT. According to yesterday’s news, STEPN’s official Twitter today released a meme picture with GNT text, and it is suspected that new tokens will be issued.

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