Mi 13 Pro matches 12S Ultra main camera

December is just around the corner, which in turn means Xiaomi is about to release its next flagship series. Naturally, the rumors started to pile up, and the latest rumors are all about the Mi 13 Pro and most of its specs.

Perhaps the most interesting bit of this report is the camera setup. We can still expect a triple 50MP camera setup on the back, but this time around, the main sensor will be borrowed from the Mi 12S Ultra – a 1″ Sony IMX989, 50MP sensor.

Sony and Xiaomi jointly developed the sensor, which cost $15 million to develop, but ensures a lighter overall performance that is hard to match.

However, the rest of the specs are pretty much the same as the Mi 12 Pro. Includes Surge C2 ISP, Surge P2 custom chip for charging, and Leica’s color science. And, of course, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 will sit behind the wheel.

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