Metaverse payment platform Tilia received strategic financing from JP Morgan Payments, with a total financing amount of US$22 million after the split

According to ChainCatcher news, Metaverse payment platform Tilia completed a strategic financing, JP Morgan Payments, Korean cryptocurrency exchange Upbit operator Dunamu and others participated in the investment. It brings Tilia’s total funding to $22 million since it spun off from creator Linden Lab in 2022. Tilia did not disclose the specific financing data. Tilia is working with JP Morgan Payments to enhance the capabilities of its entire processing platform, including offering more payments and payment methods, expanding payment currencies and supporting services. It is reported that Linden Lab officially launched Tilia in 2019. Tilia aims to make it easy for companies in the Crypto economy world (including the Metaverse) that need financial services to pay and transact with anyone in a regulated manner. Tilia’s payment products are available standalone or as fully integrated end-to-end solutions. (source link)

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