Meta Ventures Enters Decentralized Social Media with P92 App

Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, is developing a new app. A text-based content application that will be compatible with ActivityPub. This decentralized social networking protocol powers various decentralized social media applications that compete with Twitter, including Mastodon.

social media application.Source: Unsplash

Meta’s P92 application will provide an Instagram-branded text-based decentralized social network

The upcoming app, dubbed P92, will reportedly carry the Instagram branding and offer users the ability to log in with their existing Instagram credentials. The initiative aims to leverage Twitter users to explore the rising trend of alternative platforms.

according to a TechCrunch report, the P92 team intends to “fork” the initial version of the application. This means that the user’s profile will be populated with their Instagram account details such as their name, username, bio, profile photo and followers. However, the app will also have an additional privacy policy and terms of service specifically addressing cross-app data sharing while adhering to the company’s existing privacy policy.

Recently, several competing platforms such as Mastodon, and T2 have launched or gained traction as tech companies and startups aim to capitalize on Twitter users’ growing penchant for alternative decentralized social media platforms.

P92 Decentralized social media MVP

The main goal of the P92 Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for a decentralized social media application is to enable users to share posts with individuals on other servers. However, whether users will be able to follow or view content from other servers remains uncertain. Additionally, the initial version of the app will offer various features. These include clickable links in posts with previews, user bios, usernames, verification badges, and shareable images and videos.

The app will also provide followers and likes. However, it is uncertain whether the first version will include commenting and messaging features. Additionally, the development team is considering the possibility of allowing re-sharing of content, similar to Twitter, but only for business and creator accounts. MVP will include a rights manager for first-party content, but will not support third-party content from other servers and applications.

Meta’s P92 App Prioritizes Privacy Through Blockchain Technology

According to sources, the P92 app will prioritize privacy. It will utilize blockchain technology to provide users with enhanced control over their data. Meta has been working on blockchain technology for some time and recently changed its name from Facebook. The move is intended to reflect its focus on the Metaverse and other new technologies.

Meta’s entry into the decentralized social media space with the P92 app marks a major step in the tech giant’s efforts to capitalize on Twitter users’ growing preference for alternative platforms. The app’s prospects for success are uncertain. However, the company’s emphasis on privacy and adoption of blockchain technology may give it an edge over its competitors.

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