Martin: Market analysis and strategy on April 30

Sometimes, life is a kind of compromise, tolerance and accommodation. Not everything is suitable for tit-for-tat and forceful. Colorful life, both sunny and pouring rain. Being tough has the advantages of being tough, and being patient has the advantage of being patient. At any time, one needs to assess the situation and act appropriately. Persist in what you choose and believe in what you insist on, which is your own correct path. It doesn’t matter what others think of you, what matters is that you be yourself and do what you think is right.

Weekend market ink marks but the firm offer is still a small profit

Yesterday, the overall trend of the pancake was weak, and it has been operating in a range of shocks. The highest within the day came to the 29445 line, and the lowest was 29031 line.

The four-hour chart shows that the Bollinger Bands are shrinking. After the K-line continues to fall, the upper high point gradually moves down, and the lower support continues to rise. In addition, the market at weekend nodes will probably continue a trend of shock cycle.

Looking at the one-hour chart, the Bollinger Bands shrink down, the price enters a sideways correction state after stepping back to confirm after rising, the K line stabilizes and runs above the lower rail, the MACD double-line crosses down, and the short energy column gradually shrinks. The KDJ three-line cross is running upwards, and it is recommended that the intraday operation should be dominated by lows and high altitudes, supplemented by high altitudes.

today’s strategy


1872-1860 and more


More than 18900-28750

Operational suggestions are for exchange only, and you can pocket your own profits if you have profits. Specifically, Martino’s firm offer suggestions are the main ones.

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