LooksRare develops zero-royalty deal

During this period, there will inevitably be significant changes in the method of conducting trading activities on the LooksRare platform. The company has made a firm decision and much-researched calculation that it will no longer pay creators any amount in the form of royalties. Instead, Action will plan to offer a 25% stake in the agreement fees formally established by LooksRare. However, this applies to all creators and collection owners on board.

However, there has been a major change in the form of various benefits for ship sellers in terms of the distribution of transaction rewards that have been announced so far. However, all of this has been taken into consideration and a decision has been made to facilitate successful zero fees for all sellers.

The main reason why these paradigm shifts and changes are necessary is the general reluctance to pay royalties of any kind. However, this has become common in all related and connected fields in the NFT space. However, this move does give all traders a huge advantage. However, the negative aspect definitely has to do with the fact that they are not aware of any source of passive income of any type or form right now.

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