List of important developments on the evening of November 21st

12:00-21:00 Keywords: Wuchang, Zebec, Huang Licheng, Figure 1. USDT market value exceeded 88 billion US dollars, continuing to hit a record high; 2. Wuchang police busted a virtual currency money laundering gang involved in a 1 billion yuan case; 3 .Zebec Foundation: A $2.5 million equivalent ZBC repurchase will be conducted within two weeks; 4. FTX-backed Anthropic CEO rejects OpenAI’s merger proposal; 5. After SEC feedback updates bankruptcy plan, Celsius will transform into a New mining companies; 6. Tether deposited more than $1 billion in a Britannia Financial Group subsidiary; 7. In the lawsuit against Kraken, the US SEC reiterated that mainstream tokens such as SOL and ADA are securities; 8. Huang Licheng in Blur The cumulative loss from trading NFT reached 12,563.2892 ETH, about 25.12 million U.S. dollars; 9. Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan Chase will help Figure with its public offering, and its Crypto asset department hopes to raise 50 million U.S. dollars.

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