LINK/USD main trend. wedge. 53$– 5,3$= -90% [Price Analytics]

basic tendencies. logarithm. The time interval is 1 week.

The pair formed a clear descending wedge against the US dollar. Note that the highest is $53 and the lowest is $5.3. The funny thing is it’s exactly -90%. This clearly shows that the price is completely “manageable”.

Learn about trend direction and wedge-shaped line charts.


secondary trend.

LINK/USDT Minor Trend. Down wedge.

LINK/USDT Minor Trend. Wedge down.

Altcoins should start at -90%.
But I want to remind you that -96% is also -60% of -90%.

It is important to average set and reset prices, but this logic should always be kept in mind. On average, it’s not buying “cheap” but buying in a potential trend reversal zone if past buying proves wrong (for those who handle large amounts of money and keep most of their crypto in their wallets very relevant to people).

You have bitcoins, but you don’t want to sell most of them for any money, neither cheap nor expensive?Then HYIP, a cryptocurrency designed to take them away from you

Then, after a few hypes around another promising cryptocurrency, ex-Bitcoin holders will collect Satoshi and remember, “I used to have a lot of Bitcoin…but I wanted too much to be rich to end up with As for me losing them all…’. With every coin prospect and every jump in the market cycle my balance dwindled and now I’m only pennies compared to my previous numbers…

False money prospects and petty greed can deceive you. With these two components of the market, you have to keep some distance.

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