Libra Association adds new members, bitcoin is expected to exceed $12,000 this month

On May 14, Singapore time , the GJ bit international trading platform real-time market showed that the current price of Bitcoin was US $ 9,761, and it was approaching the US $ 10,000 mark three times. CME May Bitcoin Futures is now quoted at US $ 9,830, which is higher than the spot price. In the past month, Bitcoin has continued to rise, which means that Bitcoin’s later trend is strong. The strong entry of many Wall Street tycoons has also added new variables to the market.


The Libra Association announced the addition of three new members: Singapore investment giant Temasek, venture capital firm Slow Ventures, and crypto investment fund Paradigm. The new company may bring new life to Libra.

After the bitcoin halved, the computing power dropped by  30%, which has now dropped to 87EH / s, and the average block time has dropped to 13 minutes / block. Bitcoin’s computing power has been adjusted in place, or it indicates that the market’s expected decline will not occur.


For other projects, Ethereum is now quoted at US $ 202, a single-day increase of 2%; XTZ is currently priced at US $ 2.5 and LINK is currently priced at US $ 3.8. OMG’s tender die coin rose as much as 33% in a single day, from $ 0.8 to more than $ 1, because OMG will land on Coinbase on May 18.


ALGO is currently priced at US $ 0.19. In April this year, the Algorand Foundation officially launched the “250 million ALGO Reward Program.” This week, the Algorand Foundation announced that Props was successfully selected for the 250 million ALGO reward program. Props is the first consumer pass that complies with Regulation A + exemption regulations. Last week, it announced that it had received 200 led by Union Square Venture and ALGO VC Ten thousand dollars financing. PropsChain will also migrate to Algorand to support the growing business volume on its chain and provide greater transparency for network participants and markets.


US dollar

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