Last-minute German and U.S. joint cryptocurrency action

According to an announcement made by Europol a few minutes ago, an operation has been carried out against a major cryptocurrency startup.

cryptocurrency operations

Authorities in Germany and the United States shut down the infrastructure of bitcoin mixer ChipMixer, seizing four servers, 1909.4 bitcoins and 7 TB of data. Cryptocurrency mixers are a direct target of the United States, especially for alleged use by criminals. The trial of the Tornado Cash founder continues and his detention continues. In the Europol bulletin it reads;

“With the support of Europol, German and US officials targeted ChipMixer, a well-known cryptocurrency mixer in the field of cybercrime. The investigation was also supported by Belgium, Poland and Switzerland. The infrastructure of the platform was shut down for participating in money laundering activities, and four servers seized about 1909.4 bitcoins (about 44.2 million euros) and 7TB of data in 55 transactions. ChipMixer, an unlicensed company founded in mid-2017 Cryptocurrency mixers that specialize in the mixing or chipping of virtual currency assets. ChipMixer software has prevented the blockchain tracing of funds, making it vulnerable to criminal activities seeking to launder such as drug trafficking, arms trafficking, ransomware attacks, and payment card fraud. ) are attractive to cybercriminals who make illicit proceeds.”

According to Europol, $2.73 billion worth of bitcoin was laundered through the mixer, a significant portion of which was allegedly the proceeds of crime.

“Investigations by the crime unit indicate that the platform may have facilitated the laundering of up to 152,000 bitcoins (currently estimated at around €2.73 billion) in crypto-assets. A significant portion of this has been linked to darknet markets, ransomware groups, The supply of child sexual exploitation material was linked to the stolen cryptocurrency assets. Information obtained after the removal of the Hydra Market darknet platform indicated transactions worth millions of euros.”

Here comes the details.

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