KYVE launches its mainnet and decentralizes data

The management of data and its availability, as well as the basic requirement of simplified access, are the main issues in implementing Web3. The KYVE project and its “data lake” style exercise is the solution for the future. The final step is complete: the official launch of its mainnet.

KYVE data lake, a strategic challenge for blockchain technology

Blockchain technology is known for unparalleled information protection. Unfortunately, this reality still often suffers from opening up to the outside world. As a result, the need for fully accurate and decentralized data becomes a major and increasingly complex issue for developers, data scientists, and builders.

The KYVE project transforms into a hellish spiral of benign evolution. This is to avoid the dangerous propagation of inconsistencies, which is often the source of major scalability problems. A solution based on the best decentralized verification system, whether free access to on-chain or off-chain data. This is thanks to the verification process without a trusted third party.

KYVE mainnet mainnet launch

So far, the KYVE project has relied on two separate test networks. The first one, called Korellia, was launched over a year ago and is based on the principle of incentivization in order to build a united community around the project. Since this tool is deployed in real situations, we also aim to initiate real bug hunting. As a significant incentive, it is planned to distribute $20 million in KYVE tokens in the form of rewards.

A second network is also used for testing, called Kaon. Its usefulness comes down to testing all applications before they will be deployed on the mainnet which has just officially launched.

KYVE has the potential to initiate many data innovations. In fact, it allows developers to outsource their collection, storage, and retrieval to the KYVE protocol without a trusted third party. Today, the launch of the KYVE Cosmos SDK blockchain marks a major milestone, and we are very excited to support this community with our infrastructure and expertise.

Felix Lutsch, Commercial Director of Chorus One

KYVE Network provides data using so-called data lake technology deployed on the Cosmos networkWith mainnet launch, KYVE promises reliable and accurate data

In fact, the KYVE network relies on “downloaders” whose role is to collect data from trusted sources. The goal is to store them and submit them to a storage pool for verification by “validators”. Consumers can then view the verified data for free. This is to integrate them into building decentralized applications (dApps) “without trusting KYVE or intermediaries.”

Therefore, the KYVE mainnet went live on March 14, using the Cosmos SDK for deployment. Type 1 layer-1 proof-of-stake (PoS) solution. An internal division is made between a layer dedicated to chains (chain layer) and another layer designed specifically for protocols (protocol layer). Each benefits from “its own node infrastructure”.

KYVE Mainnet: Making Data a Future Public Good Without a Trusted Third Party

With the launch of this mainnet, the KYVE project thus took a more formal turn. And this implementation enables it to offer a fully functional version of its “Untrusted Data Solution for Web3 Developers”. In addition to its data pipeline, it will be accessible in public beta from December 5, 2022. With the expected next steps, the official listing of its cryptocurrency $KYVE,. All in parallel with the launch of the first mining pool of its “Data Lake” (Date Lake). Recently published a roadmap on their media.

With KYVE, we aim to make data the public good of the future without a trusted third party. (…) Anyone who handles the data need not worry about the integrity of the data or the obstacles they may encounter when trying to access the data.

Fabian Riewe, Co-Founder and CEO, KYVE

The launch of the KYVE mainnet initiates the process of effective decentralization that the KYVE team expects. Another step hailed by the adventure’s many historical supporters. Major players in the ecosystem of NEAR Network, Interchain Foundation (Cosmos), Arweave, Avalanche, Solana, etc. Therefore, the Data Lake built on the Cosmos network is getting closer and closer to the final goal and becomes a future reference. Access data in a fully decentralized manner.all you have to do is try it

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