Kava Token Price Surges 41% in May, Analyst Predicts Little-Known Cryptocurrency’s Rise Next — Find Out Why

Amid volatility in the cryptocurrency market, Kava recorded a massive value recovery trend in May.

Kava is up more than 41 percent in the past 30 days, according to CoinMarketCap.

Kava has maintained a positive upward momentum this month despite the downward trend in the prices of some crypto assets.

While Kava soars, analysts see a new crypto asset, yPredict, as one with a unique value proposition that could boost its adoption

yPredict uses artificial intelligence to create a new dimension in price prediction.

Its pre-sale has generated over $1.78 million in proceeds as investors rush to accumulate YPRED tokens.

Will yPredict be the next coin to rise? Let’s look at the possibility of price explosion and sustainability of yPredict.

KAVA price trend in May

As of May 1, KAVA, the native token that powers the Kava ecosystem, opened at $0.7799.

Gradually, KAVA tried to strengthen its grip by resisting the power of the bears as its value increased.

As of May 5, the token was trading at $0.7943.

While bearish power in the crypto market has weighed down most crypto assets, Kava has managed to maintain a strong and impressive performance.

As of May 8, Kava opened and closed at $0.7321 and $0.7465, respectively.

Starting on May 9, Kava broke through the $0.8000 resistance level to close at $8016 and started to regain value.

As of May 12, the coin broke a new resistance level and breached the $0.9000 area to close at $0.9139.

Kava has witnessed a more aggressive bullish force, with the token breaking above the $1.0000 region as of May 14.

The surge in price to the $1.0000 level may have something to do with the hype surrounding the launch of Kava’s upgraded KAVA 13 mainnet.

Despite slight fluctuations in value, KAVA’s average trading price has remained above the $1,000 region.

The overall price trend saw the DeFi token increase in price by more than 41% in May.

At the time of writing, KAVA is trading around $1.14, indicating a 1.28% gain over the past 24 hours.

According to CoinMarketCap, Kava ranks 68th with a market capitalization of $615.1 million.

Its 24-hour trading volume is about $42.7 million.

yPredict could be the next crypto coin on the rise

With several pre-sales recently, the crypto space has been caught in the trending asset network.

yPredict ranks among the best, and investment attention is overwhelming.

yPredict is revolutionizing the cryptocurrency prediction market using its artificial intelligence technology.

It enables users to achieve more success in cryptocurrency trading with impressive market predictions.

The artificial intelligence-driven cryptocurrency platform includes a number of features that ensure users receive accurate cryptocurrency asset predictions.

These elements include market news, price charts, social media sentiment and other analytical tools.

It processes data in real time, allowing users to track their investments and reduce potential losses.

Using yPredict can be a great investment move that allows investors to make informed decisions and forecasts that can increase their returns.

Plus, it removes the stress of spending hours analyzing price market charts and charts.

yPredict hot sale pre-sale

The native token YPRED, which powers the activities of the yPredict ecosystem, is currently undergoing a pre-sale. The cryptocurrency generated over $1.78 million in revenue through its pre-sale.

Of the total supply of 100 million YPRED tokens, the team behind yPredict allocated 80% (80 million) tokens for its presale.

Currently, the presale is in phase 6 and the price of YPRED is $0.09 per token.

With a presale cap of $6.5 million, yPredict could reach that goal within a few months once presales maintain their recent trending cadence.

The token is expected to be listed on exchanges at a price of $0.012, offering early investors up to 33% on paper during the pre-sale phase 6.

Therefore, interested investors can act quickly before the pre-sale sells out, avoiding potential profits.

In addition, yPredict’s outstanding features and functions make it a potential cryptocurrency asset with more future returns for long-term investment options.

yPredict’s artificial intelligence trading platform offers attractive advantages to investors and traders in cryptocurrency trading.

Analysts believe that yPredict will be the next crypto asset to rise in the near future.

According to Jacob Crypto Bury, a popular U.K.-based crypto YouTube analyst, yPredict resembles a low-cap gem that could quickly return 10x or more.

What makes yPredict a unique AI predictive lever

yPredict is powered by artificial intelligence to help users get more return on investment.

It can predict the price of major cryptoassets like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Shiba Inu (SHIB) and more.

About 1% of the top AI developers and quants are part of the team behind yPredict, providing useful insights that make the project a unique model.

With its artificial intelligence technology, investors and traders can now enjoy a fair trading platform with institutional players.

It provides access to trading signals, news, market sentiment, chart pattern recognition, technical analysis and other useful trading tools.

Fast-growing cryptocurrency community

yPredict is one of the fast growing cryptocurrency communities in the cryptocurrency space.

The yPredict Twitter page has over 18,000 followers and raised over $1.78 million in the YPRED token presale.

Additionally, Crypto Access claims to have more than 20,000 users on a waiting list.

Additionally, yPredict has been featured in many popular media outlets around the world. These include Business Insider, Yahoo Finance, Cryptonews, Benzinga, NewsBTC, Bitcoinist, and more.

Fair and transparent pre-sale

yPredict has become one of the fairest and most transparent presales in the cryptocurrency industry.

The artificial intelligence-powered platform allocated 80% of its total supply of 100 million tokens, or 80 million tokens, for the public presale.

The protocol’s remaining allocation is 10% for liquidity, 5% for development, and 5% for funding.

With its excellent token economics, yPredict eliminates the possibility of pulling the rug, as a greater percentage of the token supply is placed in public hands.

This describes the project’s commitment to transparency, fairness, and security.

Ultimate Utility Token – YPRED

yPredict’s native token, YPRED, is a utility token that powers the operation of the ecosystem.

It is issued on the Polygon blockchain, with low gas fees and increased transaction speed for users.

Holders of $YPRED tokens can unlock premium features on the platform by paying a subscription fee.

10% of the fee is distributed to existing YPRED holders.

Additionally, holders can stake YPRED coins and earn quarterly staking rewards of up to 45% from the 10% subscription fee.

Compared with the industry average of 5% to 10% annual staking return, this kind of passive income is quite competitive.

in conclusion

yPredict leverages its cutting-edge AI technology to redefine cryptocurrency market forecasting with brilliant and accurate cryptocurrency predictions.

Although the crypto asset is still undergoing a pre-sale, it has shown its potential for high returns.

Already generating over $1.78 million in proceeds within weeks of the presale, investors are still snapping up YPRED tokens for more.

The token has proven its utility both within and outside of the yPredict ecosystem.

All things being equal, it could be the next crypto asset to see a big price increase in the future.

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