June data report: most indicators have severely declined, but the issuance of stablecoins hit a record

On July 2, The Block Research team released a data chart report on the cryptocurrency industry in June. In general, various data indicators of the cryptocurrency industry have seen a sharp drop in June, including the total amount of transactions on the chain, miner income, CEX spot trading volume, BTC and ETH futures, and ETH options.

As expected, most indicators have experienced severe declines (the ETH indicator has experienced higher volatility). Although we are at a year-on-year high, the parabolic trend of most indicators has been broken.

The adjusted total transaction volume on the BTC and ETH chains dropped by 46.6% to 572.7 billion USD:


The adjusted transaction volume on the stablecoin chain dropped by 41.9% to US$445 billion (stablecoin issuance reached a new historical record of US$105.4 billion; USDT accounted for 60.9%, USDC accounted for 23% of the market share; no new USDT issuance in June ):


The income of BTC miners fell 42% to US$839 million, and the income of ETH miners fell 53% to US$1.106 billion. It is worth noting that this is the second consecutive month for ETH miner income> BTC miner income (the last time this happened was in June/July 2017):


Legal CEX spot trading volume fell 56% to $958.3. This is the first time we have fallen below $1 trillion since January (significant market share: Binance is 69.7%, Coinbase is 8%, FTX rises to third place with 4.2%, and Kraken is 4.1%):


The average daily trading volume of GBTC dropped by 34.6% to USD 274 million, a year-to-date drop of 64.8%:


The trading volume of BTC futures fell by only 18.2% to US$2.02 trillion. Binance Bitcoin futures were flat at approximately $1.05 trillion:


In terms of ETH futures, trading volume fell by 49.3% to US$862 billion:


ETH monthly options trading volume fell by 68.8% to $5.19 billion, but still higher than at any time in the first quarter:


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