Jingcai talks about the trend: how to gain a stable foothold in the market

It is a process to establish a correct trend trading concept, to form a trading system, to make specific rules, and then to put it into practice, to constantly restrain one’s human nature, and to fight against oneself. This is a process of learning and experience The process is also a process from complex to simple, a process of human experience, a process of constantly improving system rules and reshaping oneself.

Taking my thirteen years of trading life and the traders I know around me as an example, it is roughly like this: from understanding to judging trends, then to refining rules, to self-confidence, to belief, and finally to success.

Jingcai has been in the market for so long, that is, “the market has a trend, and we must follow the trend”

When we first entered the trading industry, we only stared at the K-line at that time, and we probably felt that the market was chaotic, rising for a while, falling for a while, rising today and falling tomorrow, feeling chaotic and disorderly, confused and confused Hemp, like a pile of hemp rope, is always unruly and chaotic. We always chase the rise and fall, or buy the bottom to find the high. In short, we are like a headless chicken all day long.

So how can we pass this hurdle?

My experience is that I realized that “the market has a trend, and you have to follow the trend”, not only staring at the K-line of the day, but also looking at the long-term K-line, and understand that the rising time is quite long, and this is the rising trend , in this time period, if you do long, you can feel that the probability of profit is high, and the profit rate is also high. I feel that if you do long in this time period, the order is more comfortable and you can easily make a profit; similarly, the time of decline is quite long Yes, this is the downward trend, shorting during this time period, I feel that it is relatively easy to make profits.

To put it simply, it is to be able to see the K-line trend of the big cycle, and realize the importance of following the trend.

You can look at my past trading experience

There is also the ability to roughly use tools to identify the trend of the market

If there is only the first step, you will feel that “the trend is an afterthought, and it has risen a long way before you can find that it is an upward trend. The market is almost over, so how dare I go after more?” When you start to rise, you don’t know what the trend is, and you also think that the market may rebound, and you should go short on rallies, which is called following the trend; In short, at this time, you can’t figure out whether to go long is to go with the trend, or to be short is to go with the trend. You may wait until the market has risen for a long time before you find out that it is an uptrend. You regret it and worry about the end of the market. Chase too much. At this time, although it is important to know that it is important to follow the trend, it is impossible to judge the trend of the market earlier.

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