Jingcai said the trend: Can the pancake break through an important position on March 15 and welcome a new bull market?

After 8:30 last night, there was a wave of rise after the CPI data came out. I said a few days ago that the graphics were analyzed and drawn for everyone before the box oscillated. It is a process of building the bottom of the whole box near 25300 above and 15500 below. It was the highest last night when it reached around 26387 and began to fall back. The current price is around 24850. Well, from the perspective of the daily line level, there have been 3 consecutive big positive lines recently, and the upward trend will be buffered temporarily, because the whole is a shock, then if it cannot go above 25300 today. Relatively speaking, it is still in the inner space of a box vibration. Now it is closer to the top of the box vibration. If you break through and stand firmly above, then the important pressure point at the top I drew in the graph is around 29200. This position is more important. It is about a trend in the second half of the year. If it stands firmly above 29200, it may accelerate the coming bull market I mentioned earlier. It shows that the bottom building under the main force is over. However, Jingcai does not hope to complete the bottom building so soon, and the time period is not too long. The longer it takes to build a bottom, the more violent the bull market will be. Follow Jingcai for a long time to know that the previous bull market has been predicted in advance. There is also the idea that the bull market is about to end and has been letting everyone escape the top ahead of time.avoid many winding roads

Then let’s look at the short-term view from the 4-hour level. The Bollinger Bands began to move upwards slowly. The middle track of the Bollinger Bands was around 22869, and there was a tendency to turn upwards. The kinetic energy of MACD forming a golden cross began to weaken. The KDJ third line began to turn downwards, showing signs of slow turning and condensation to form a dead fork. At present, it is still the idea of ​​high altitude and low volume in this box range.


In the pressure situation around 25300-25500, if you are not stable, you can consider trying to enter the market empty, with a good stop loss.

If you stand firm, you can consider going back and doing more

In this market, there is no shortage of teachers, analysis, and operation suggestions. The only thing missing is a sincere and simple heart to do market analysis for you. I don’t have gorgeous profit screenshots here, and I don’t promise you what percentage of profit, I only have the heart of being a man and doing things. If you have been at a loss and have trouble making orders, and want to become a qualified investment hero and follow Jingcai’s lazy way, you can try to communicate with Jingcai first. My daily analysis ideas are for your reference. Reasonably control the position when placing orders, and do not operate with heavy or full positions. My personal opinion is for reference. Investment is risky, and the risk is at your own risk!Enter the market with a stop loss

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