IRISnet Mainnet 1.4 Update Announcement IRISnet IRISnet Blog November 2022

— The testnet has been launched to update the method

The update process includes 1) Submit a chain update proposal? -> 2) Voting time? -> 3) Perform mainnet update⚙

*Please note that the mainnet 1.4 update will be the supported update.


The following is an estimated timeline of key events:

*Actual schedule subject to proposed updates.

>> 11/11/2022: Testnet activation
Around 03:37:00 UTC on November 11, the nyancat testnet was launched. You can join the testnet now via our Discord server (# ?-testnet-nyancat).

>> 11/18/2022: isub v1.4.0 released
On November 18th, the new mainnet software will be released as irishub v1.4.0.

>> 2022/11/25: Submit on-chain update proposal
Around 05:30 UTC on November 25th, chain upgrade proposals containing basic upgrade information and further details will be submitted for voting.

>> 2022/11/25–11/30: Voting time
The voting period for upgrade proposals will start when the minimum deposit requirement is met and last for 5 days until November 30th.

>> 2022/11/30: update running
The mainnet upgrade will begin shortly after the proposal is approved on November 30. After checking the migration status, validators will start running irishub v1.4.0.

For node operators:

This upgrade may take longer than usual because it involves data migration. Be careful not to stop the process midway, so the node won’t start. It is also recommended to increase server resources before updating to ensure a smooth load.

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