In the evening of 3.14, the CPI made a big announcement about where to go, DYDX/OP/LTC and other mainstream currencies take profit as the first target

3.14cpi Numerical Interpretation and Viewpoint Analysis

At 8.30 tonight, the world’s most eye-catching CPI data will be released

The previous value was 6.4%, and the predicted value was 6.0

The CPI released data is bullish within 6.2, and less than or equal to 6 soars

6.2-6.4 Disagreements and disputes, based on technical trends and other interest rate hike decisions

Announcing 6.4 or above, the probability of raising interest rates by 50 basis points this month is high, and it is expected to fall sharply

Click to watch tonight’s blockbuster CPI data layout video: Evening CPI forecast interpretation, continuous rise or short counterattack【Click to view the video】

Today, we will focus on the announcement of the CPI value at 8.30 in the evening, and the deviation from the predicted value will lead to different market prices!

It has entered daylight saving time from now on, and the opening time of the US market has been advanced to 21.30

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