imToken has issued platform tokens, airdrop 390,000 addresses, quickly open and see if your wallet has it?

imToken has issued the platform currency LON, don’t miss to receive the airdrop, this article attaches a tutorial to receive it.

As long as imToken wallet users or Tokenlon users can get airdrop rewards. Remember that Uniswap airdropped 10,000 red envelopes to all the bosses at that time. As imtoken has the largest market share in the world, this airdrop is definitely a big deal. Open your imtoken wallet to receive it!

[LON Token Information]

Circulation: 200,000,000

Circulation: 28,000,000

Number of holders: 450,000+

Mining cost: 2U-5U

【Claim Time】

December 23, 2020 8:00

【Claim Conditions】

Tokenlon users

A total of approximately 6.86 million LONs were used to give back to Tokenlon users. Addresses that meet any of the following conditions can receive LON rewards, covering nearly 140,000 addresses:

l The address where transactions were made in Tokenlon before the creation of mining

l In genesis mining, the address that has been traded or recommended to activate successfully in Tokenlon

l The addresses that have participated in the pre-governance of the Tokenlon community through Snapshot voting

imToken user

A total of about 6.94 million LONs were used to give back to imToken and its users. As the incubator and important user portal of Tokenlon, imToken has made a great contribution to the achievements of Tokenlon. Therefore, this part of LON has been allocated to imToken early and loyal users according to the wishes of the imToken team, covering nearly 250,000 addresses.

imToken users can check whether they meet the claim conditions by checking the claimable quantity.

Claim time

The LON claim will be officially opened on 2020.12.23 8:00 AM (UTC+8).

Important risk warning

l The           LON contract address is: 0x0000000000095413afC295d19EDeb1Ad7B71c952 , beware of scams

l LON has no fundraising and no token sale. Everyone can participate in mining for free without any threshold

l Please use Tokenlon official channel: for the latest information

【Receive LON Course】

The first step is to enter the imToken wallet, click [Browse] in the bottom bar, and then click LON to enter the LON mining page. 


The second step, after entering the LON mining page, it will show that your account can receive the LON balance at 8:00 on December 23, just wait for it. 


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