If the key support of the market is not broken, we will continue to look forward to reaching new highs and pointing to above 40,000.

Perhaps, you have rejected the temptation of countless shocks, just waiting for that uncertain breakthrough. Even if the long-term range has been brewing, the short-term wait will definitely be one-sided. Time has become the biggest cost, and patience is all preparation. The financial market is forgetful, and there is no permanent unilateralism. Starting a business is always easier than keeping a business, and trading is always more practical than waiting and watching. The market is not an opportunity waiting for it, but always being prepared after trading. Good luck!

Hello everyone, I am trader Gege. Continuing from the last article, the market price of the market has entered a wide range of fluctuations. It does not break the resistance at the top and the key support at the bottom. The article will also stop updating for a period of time. As mentioned above, the market is firmly looking at 40,000-42,000 US dollars. In fact, at the current price, that is The distance is 3000-5000 knives. Let’s talk about the technical aspects first, and then I’ll get into my point of view.

At the weekly level, last week’s K-line closing did not complete the breakthrough of the previous high, but retraced the 34400 K-line with the lower shadow. The Bollinger Bands are in an open state, and the 7-day moving average extends upward. The chart indicators are still biased toward the long side, and the overall trend has not changed much. The key is to look at this week’s market and next week. If it continues to maintain high fluctuations without a breakthrough, then a periodic top of the subsequent market will appear. Once it breaks through, then 40,000 -There is nothing wrong with $42,000. Because if the market has been oscillating sideways in the range of 35,000-38,000, from the perspective of technology and market sentiment, the probability of a retracement will increase later. Therefore, the critical time node is coming. Once the breakthrough of 38500 is completed and the price is stable, the next key resistance level is the 42300 line. I believe we won’t have to wait too long to see the results.

The daily level is also in a bullish trend, and it has not broken through the middle track of the Bollinger Bands several times. Judging from the Bollinger Bands, it is still in a complete rising Bollinger Band. The technical structure is still optimistic about an upward impact on the previous high, so the temporary operation idea is No change, still bullish. The trend order suggests that the stable 36600-36300 line will be long, and the aggressive current price 37300-37000 will be more entry. First, look at the 38500 breakthrough, and then look at the 40000-42000 line. Friends who keep up with trend orders should make their own plans and risk control. This concludes today’s brief update, see you next time. For more immediate suggestions from Mrs. Big Pie, find Princess. The suggestions are for reference only. Do good risk control when entering the market, and control the profit margin and stop loss space by yourself. Specific strategies can be consulted before the market is opened.

Analysis is always an auxiliary, and strategy is the basis for profit. For technology, there is no right or wrong. The critical watershed can easily become the turning point of the market or the extension of the trend. However, in trading or pricing operations, we must be decisive and stick to the right direction. When the direction is wrong, adjusting the strategy is progress, and turning around is profit. Although the road is bumpy, following the guidance of the market will always make us brighter.

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