How Web3 Improves Customer Experience

How Web3 Improves Customer Experience-1

With the popularization of blockchain-based technology, users’ Internet experience is also constantly improving. In this regard, Web3 has recently come to the fore. Web3 provides users with many important advantages in terms of Internet experience and also increases customer experience. So how to improve customer experience when Web3 was one of the hot fields in the last period and many Web2 companies began to invest in Web3?

Web3 and Customer Experience

Before discussing the impact of web3 on customer experience, it is useful to define web3 and what it means. The term web3 (or web 3.0) was first coined in 2014 by Ethereum co-founder Gavin Wood. Web 1.0 was the first iteration of the internet that allowed only one website to be read or viewed. Web2 is the web as we know it today. On these sites, we are able to connect with others through, for example, social media platforms. Web3 is decentralized, built, operated and owned by its users. In short, unlike Web 1 or Web 2, Web3 puts power in the hands of users rather than companies. In this context, with its many new features, Web3 helps companies serve customers better and deliver more value to customers.

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More control over user data

Today, many users are concerned about the security of their data on the Internet. At the same time, customers are also complaining about the data they give to websites voluntarily or unwillingly in the web2 era. Web3 employs a decentralized structure that provides transparency while maintaining enhanced privacy. E-commerce, SaaS (Software as a Service), and other service-based businesses can benefit from the decentralized environment of Web3. This enables them to maintain a secure database to store customer data.

In addition to increasing privacy, Web3 could bring back the control internet users can only dream of. By providing a platform for communities based on Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs), Web3 can give customers a voice in brand decisions. DAOs allow community members to vote on every decision a brand makes. In this way, brands can interact more with customers and create a more vibrant community, unlike Web2.

How Web3 Improves Customer Experience-2

Advanced payment services using Web3

With the advancement of technology, users’ payment habits have undergone great changes. Web3 brings new payment methods. Brands can use cryptocurrencies as a means of payment in the Web3 era. Cryptocurrencies mean that the financial services industry may be the first to adopt cryptocurrencies, Web3 and other core technologies. Financial Services has recently hosted a number of blockchain-based financial services such as decentralized finance (DeFi) projects, cryptocurrency lenders, insurance companies, and cryptocurrency wallets. Additionally, these projects continue to be rapidly adopted by users and customers.

In this case, the services that could benefit from the development of Web3 are payment services. With Web3, smart contract-based payment gateways that are useful for various businesses can be used. In this way, customers can use their Crypto assets to purchase different services and securely use cryptocurrencies as a means of payment.

New Options for Digital Collections Customers

Web3 also opens new doors for NFTs, known as Crypto collectibles. NFT is particularly popular in 2021 and was selected as the 2021 word of the year by Collins Dictionary. NFTs have become the new craze in the industry as many brands find their use. While tech giant Amazon continues with its plans to create a marketplace for NFTs, many companies outside of technology are also working in this space. These big companies include brands such as Gucci, Nike, Louis Vuitton and Coca-Cola. Nike, one of the world’s largest sportswear brands, has launched a .Swoosh platform for Crypto collectibles.

Another way for businesses to interact with customers, NFTs are trending every day, but with Web3, they will reach a wider audience. With NFTs, brands can create a community that engages customers fully in their service or product. In this way, they can also build loyalty among customers through various NFT-based incentives.

Open the door to a new shopping experience

Meta, the umbrella company for Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, has been investing heavily in the Metaverse lately. Like NFT, Metaverse, one of the hot topics in recent years, is also changing the shopping experience of customers. Users can get an immersive shopping experience through Web3. If you need help with metaverse or web3 consulting, please visit metaversa.

Many companies, notably tech giant Apple, are developing their own virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) products. Through these products, new experiences are being opened up to users. Especially with the widespread application of Web3, the virtual world will replace real world shopping.

How Web3 Improves Customer Experience-3

Web3 social media platform

For consumers, one of the best things that Web3 will offer is the ability to build a passionate community around a brand. Today’s very popular social media platforms also play a vital role in Web3. With Web3, brands can provide a decentralized social space to cultivate their customer base.

The new platform also allows them to interact with the community and share experiences about a particular product or service. Along with all of this, enhanced security and data privacy will be among the most important benefits for customers.

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Web3 redefines experience while changing habits. With Web3, the new version of the internet, the rules are changing for both businesses and consumers. By providing a decentralized, secure environment, consumers can control their data and are building a more valuable customer experience. With Web3, consumers can enjoy a seamless shopping experience and more secure payment gateways. In the new age, businesses can build vibrant consumer communities, increase loyalty and trust, and expand their customer base.

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