How to identify fake influencers on Twitter?

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Twitter user @CryptoNerdCn provides readers with a way to identify “true and false” Twitter accounts through several practical cases, which can be summarized as follows: mutual relationship, registration time, number of posts, and quality of responses.

The first is the example of Tweeting the Lord, which is suspicious:

1. There are 100,000 NFT big Vs but basically none of my fo (followed) people are paying attention.

2. Blue V with 100,000 fans, but the actual posting only started on the 3rd of last month, and the registration time is very long.

3. Compared with only 400 posts, the number of replies to its posts is astonishing, and the content is all the same “dm me”.

4. The number of likes is even more astonishing. Obviously, it cannot be done by a real person, only a bot.

How to identify fake influencers on Twitter?

And who did this Twitter account originally belong to? Through the Web archive we can easily see that it belongs to a black man named Ken Harvey, even the account name has not changed (so its nickname transition.eth is probably not owned by it). From the screenshots in 2017, it is obvious that this account already had Blue Mark at that time.

How to identify fake influencers on Twitter?

How to identify fake influencers on Twitter?

Twitter’s blue mark used to have an era when it was very easy to authenticate, and many users with one or two thousand followers or even several hundred followers had their blue V from that era. And these users are also the most favored by scams in the English Crypto circle. They are the hardest hit areas for account theft and trading. During the peak period of NFT last year, you could basically see some personal blue V accounts with stolen accounts every day, and the old content was taken without deleting it. Do high imitation numbers.

It may be because of the previous exhaustion, or because the bear market scam has to consider reducing costs, most of the high imitations are no longer blue V. In addition to this kind of stolen account being sold as a bot, there is also this kind of active selling account, see this ethw news account:

There are also some scams that are magical. After changing the name of the account that ran away, it was used for waste. This kind of threat may be a little bigger, because many people who follow the running account will forget to unfollow, and even if the account is cancelled, the owner can still get it back. In this way, you can create a new account with tens of thousands of followers and many people in your circle are following the new account, which is far more confusing than the above one.

How to identify fake influencers on Twitter?

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