How to Find Section 3 in Chapter 2 of Bayonetta 3

Bayonetta 3 is an action game for Nintendo Switch with several unique locations.

The Umbra witch must use her signature gun and time-slow abilities to face a strange evil.

Utilize Bayonetta’s new ability “Demon Masquerade”, which can channel linked demons.

Additionally, she can summon demon darlings like Malphas and Gomorrah in battle.

The game has multiple unlockable missions, objectives and weapons.

One of the challenges/goals of the game is to find Chapter 2 Section 3.

Fight in the mountains of China and the streets of Tokyo.

Meet a fictitious gang of witch hunters and play as Viola, a witch with Cheshire sidekicks.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to find Section 3 in Chapter 2 of Bayonetta 3 (its location).

How to Find Section 3 in Chapter 2 of Bayonetta 3

To find Section 3 in Chapter 2 of Bayonetta 3, you need to enter the building next to the “DFH” giant monitor.

Section 3 is located below the Japanese word on the fifth floor of the building.

Here’s how to find Section 3:

Walk up to the building next to the “DFH” giant display. Climb to the top of the bus stop shelter. Go to the 5th floor (just below the Japanese word). Enter the building until you reach Purple Light.

You need to complete the challenge to get Section 3 in Chapter 2.

The challenge is “Network and Burn Them” with 2 waves.

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