How to find Alpha project information through Discord?

1650945453987702Discord has changed the way we find Alpha projects to a certain extent. If you can use the right method, Discord can filter most of the noise in the market. Here are seven ways to maximize the use of Discord to find Alpha:

1. Organize DC message sources

Organize your DC messages by quitting or muting some group chats that don’t help your investment, if you clutter too many group chats, you’ll get nothing. You can also group your DC group chats based on importance or other factors, such as projects you’re investing in, group chats for Alpha news, news, and bot alerts. … a well-organized DC grouping will maximize your productivity.

2. Join excellent DAOs and communities

Everyone gathers firewood and the flame is high, and one person cannot observe all aspects of the market, and if there are 100 pairs of eyes paying attention at the same time, the efficiency is definitely much higher than that of one person. So when you browse in DC, pay attention to those special servers like:

  • 1. Some group chats where the chat content is helpful to you;
  • 2. There are often group chats with high-quality debate activities;
  • 3. Group chats that are very sensitive to the Alpha project and actively participate in discussions.

These can all have a certain degree of reference for your investment, of course, finding them is a work that accumulates over time.

3. Community Assessment Checklist

When you enter a group chat, how do you judge in time whether the group chat is helpful to you? You can develop an evaluation checklist to judge the quality of this group chat, these are the things you need to consider:

  1. Community is more than everything, how is the quality of community chat? How is the activity?
  2. Survey project team members, how credible are the members? Do they respond positively to some tough questions asked by community members and what is the quality of the responses?
  3. Does the project actively cooperate with the community, and do some activities work together? And what are the long-term goals of the project? Does the team accept and incorporate critics’ opinions…

4. Quality of community members

**Community quality is not determined by the number of members, a community with 100,000 members does not mean it is good. **On the contrary, the more members, the more noise will be generated, and the more members will also generate a frenzy, making you ignore your rational judgment, DC group chat is not the only source of your research project! No substantive discussion will mislead you, focusing on the quality of group chat is a top priority.

5. Make good use of bots

Bots can aggregate many useful tools to create a one-stop platform for your information, where you can aggregate information, get the latest updates on projects, set alerts, and more.


6. Build Your Own Alpha Team

Pull like-minded good friends into a group and share alpha information with each other, which can multiply your efficiency and filter spam to the greatest extent possible.

7. Beware of scammers, close private chat

Don’t trust anyone who privately chats with you. Their purpose is to defraud you of your money. After entering the server, the first setting to the server is to close private chat and prohibit anyone from sending private messages to you alone!


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