How to become an NFT leader?

In the current NFT project, we can divide it into Art-NFT, FI-NFT, IP-NFT and Game-NFT according to its main field and value logic. Beeple’s “Everydays: The First 5000 Days” should be classified as ART-NFT, which belongs to a more artistic category.

1. NFT market analysis

During the NFT scientific examination process of the Prophet Lab, we discovered many current problems in the NFT market. They all prevent the NFT from being participated by more users, and may bring greater losses and risks to users who enter blindly.

ART-NFT has not yet formed a stable market preference, and the probability of being manipulated by a few giant whales is extremely high; and the price of a single NFT is often exaggerated, which is actually not suitable for ordinary users to participate. In addition, using NFT as some permission/qualification and asset certification in the DeFi scenario, and then using it in the FI-NFT in the DeFi product, is actually participating in the liquidity lease/revenue activities of DeFi, which requires users to participate earlier. And there is a greater risk.

Except for Art-NFT and FI-NFT, NFTs with real liquidity tend to gather in IP-NFT types and Game-NFT scenarios. The former has a large number of fan groups and a core continuous collection group, thus becoming the pinnacle of IP hype; while the latter, through a good game mechanism design, can enable the player group to enjoy spiritual satisfaction while also willing to spend real gold ( BTC) Silver (ETH) is used to participate in the game of probability. At the same time, the total limit of NFT and the transparency of circulation make the game itself an investment.

However, IP-NFT collection requires players to have a deep knowledge of the IP. For example, cards that can be sold at high prices in NBAtopshot are often related to popular or classic players in reality. A large number of ordinary players and their NTF scenes are unmanned. Ask for advice, the price difference of the same model can reach 99%, and the liquidity is extremely poor.

In order to avoid the excessive distribution of game NFTs and affect the balance of the game, Game-NFT also requires users to pay a lot of time and effort. If you can’t continue to participate in a Blockchain Game, it is even more impossible to buy a Game-NFT with collectible value.

2. List of the four most expensive crypto artworks in the world

You may have heard of the NFT artwork “Everydays: The First 5000 Days” created by artist Beeple; or Game NFT NBAtopshot, which attracted hundreds of thousands of people and has an average daily transaction volume of tens of millions of dollars; or the average price Twitter avatars of more than $300,000, NFT CryptoPunk, etc. But in the blockchain world where new things are constantly emerging, the most expensive crypto artwork you know so far may be surpassed by other records every minute.

In the process of exploring and analyzing the existing NFT economy, the Prophet Lab saw some interesting NFT artworks. Let’s take a look at the four most expensive crypto artworks in the world. We hope that we can find the most worthwhile in the NFT field. People are excited about the law of value; most importantly, we will also recommend to you tools that can view important data about NFT in real time.

Regarding the following four crypto artworks, for the same type of NFT, only the highest price in history will be retained, in order to show the current situation of the NFT industry in a more dimensional manner.

First place: $69.35 million -Everydays: The First 5000 Days

Name: EVERYDAYS: THE FIRST 5000 DAYS-Minted by Beeple

NFT ID: 40913

Latest price: $ 69,346,250 (fiat auction)

Current holder: Metakovan, founder of NFT Fund Metapurse (0xc6b0562605D35eE710138402B878ffe6F2E23807)

Smart contract address: 0x2a46f2ffd99e19a89476e2f62270e0a35bbf0756

Size / Bytes: 21,069 x 21,069 pixels (319,168,313 bytes)

Casting time: February 16, 2021

Appreciation link:


Details and background: Beeple is a well-known surreal artist. He continues to integrate elements of the real world, political figures, cultural abstraction, and technological imagery into his works, and uses many metaphors and pictographic art techniques to treat our world. Portray.

You can check more about him here:

Regarding the artistic achievements of Beeple, we don’t list it here, but the explosion of Beeple has also made Vignesh Sundaresan, who has taken it to the altar behind the scenes, to be dug out by the insatiable media. You can watch it here. Go to his dark history ( ).

The value discovery of artworks is similar to the cultivation of IP. Art dealers/galleries buy out the works of artists, and continuously promote and expand the influence of art concepts through a large number of art exhibitions, art critics, and traditional media, and shape the artist’s own industry reputation and influence. Through continuous event marketing and image association, we can give more intangible value to artworks. Through constant hype and restriction of production, the attractiveness of artworks is ensured from the market level. Nurturing and screening consensus through the ever-expanding influence coverage, and finally find the collector (jie) Tibetan (pan) family belonging to the art.

Therefore, Vignesh Sundaresan’s Sao operation is understandable in the discovery of the value of art, but whether it is compared to the “Guernica” @ 毕加索 spawned by the Spanish Civil War, or the “Ching Ming Shanghe Tu” bred by Ya Song Fenghua @ 张择端,EVERYDAYS: The “art ecology” of THE FIRST 5000 DAYS is undoubtedly a huge gap in terms of cultural precipitation or the significance of the times.

And this is also the reason why “EVERYDAYS: THE FIRST 5000 DAYS” is difficult to be truly widely accepted. If you rely on simple handovers and connected transactions, it will be difficult for NFT artworks to be truly accepted by the society. It is hard to imagine that one day someone will I took pictures of my own Yoneda and made it as an NFT, and changed hands to 100 billion U.S. dollars. Does this mean that the aesthetics and values ​​of our society is to examine Yoneda?

At the moment when NFT is still in its infancy, whether this will bring a steady stream of traditional artist groups and related resources to intervene; or will it deepen the concept of NFT “bubble”, we don’t know, but we will see in the process Many of the current problems of NFT and the evolution direction that can be found from this are worthy of our continued exploration.

Second place: US$7.8020 million-CryptoPunk 7804

Name: CryptoPunk 7804—cast by Larva Labs

NFT ID: 7804

Latest Price: $ 7,820,520.27 (4,200.00000 ETH)

Current holder: Unknown NFT Whale (0xf4b4A58974524E183c2


Size / Bytes: 24 x 24 pixels

Casting time: June 24, 2017

Appreciation link:


Details and background: CyptoPunk is a series of ERC721 NFT tokens initiated and minted by Larva Labs ( ) in 2017. CryptoPunk 7804 is the 7804th serial number. Larva Labs presets attributes such as race/accessories/hair color/eyes/mouth for CyptoPunk, and then the algorithm generates 10,000 24×24 pixel art images, which are free for users to receive at the initial release.

Among all CryptoPunks, the Apes, Zombies, and Alien races are the rarest. NFT total limit + NFT concept antique products + extremely high social attention and discussion volume, let these rare attributes of NFT follow the spread of CryptoPunk Increasingly sought after.

We believe that the main reasons why CryptoPunk almost completely monopolizes the conventional NFT rankings are as follows:

  1. Early users of CryptoPunk are all deep investors or geeks who have a strong interest in DeFi/blockchain innovation. With the continuous growth of the crypto market, the personal assets and influence of these seed users are constantly growing. This is very beneficial to the spread and influence of CryptoPunk. At the same time, as one of the early application projects of NFT, the historical significance of CryptoPunk’s own industry also gives it more levels of value.

2. The characteristics of CryptoPunk NFT make it completely transparent on the chain such as the number of circulation / handover status / price, and avoid the additional loss caused by information asymmetry. At the same time, total volume restrictions, social topics, and communication boosts have continuously attracted CryptoPunk to better liquidity than other NFTs, which is why its value has grown rapidly.

3. Larva Labs, the creator and operation and maintenance party of CryptoPunk IP, has continued to promote and promote this IP after its issuance, as well as participating in art exhibitions and social activities, all of which are constantly capturing value for CryptoPunk.

In addition to the above factors, the enthusiasm of the self-encrypting community for the NFT boom is also the most fundamental driving force for the CryptoPunk boom. As of now, the average market price of CryptoPunk is 14.62 ETH. Because of the lack of initial cost, its appreciation is difficult to estimate; however, if the initial cost of the application is 0.7U, the highest rate is 111,743,600 times (117 million).

Prophet’s Lab. Little knowledge:

The name of CryptoPunk may be a tribute to Satoshi Nakamoto’s communication with Bram Cohen (the author of BT downloads), Assange (the founder of WikiLeaks) and others in the cryptography mailing group. This cryptography mailing group was initiated by Eric Hughes, and its main members are leaders in mathematics, cryptography, computers, independent social organizations, etc., discussing cryptography and sovereign government information rights. It can be said that CryptoPunk is the soil where Bitcoin was born.

Third place: US$3.6054 million -Formula 1 Grand Prix de Monaco 2020 1A

Name: Hashmasks 9939—cast by F1®Delta Time Game

NFT ID: 5790664570104676

Latest Price: $ 3,605,445 (9081752.4764 REVV*0.398U)

Current holder: Unknown NFT Whale (0x8bb37fb0f0462bb3fc


Smart contract address: 0x2aF75676692817d85121353f0


Casting time: November 2020

Play link:


Details: Formula 1 Grand Prix de Monaco 2020 1A by F1®Delta Time Game

Https:// ) released, this is a blockchain game based on Ethereum. The game IP is a Formula One racing car. The main mechanism is to collect drivers and parts, as well as a similar insurance key Key. Through Stake’s assembled F1 racing car, you can get Token rewards.

It is worth noting that the NFT used its Token REVV to complete the transaction, and the time was earlier. Although the current market value did reach US$3.6054 million, it was definitely low at that time. The market value of Game-NFT is related to the game’s own operating conditions and mechanisms. Therefore, compared with similar Decentraland and SandBox, F1®Delta Time Game is indeed far behind in popularity. But the game itself is authorized and has a certain DeFi concept, which is worthy of reference.

Fourth place: 646,900 US dollars-HashMask 9939

Name: Hashmasks 9939—cast by Suum Cuique Labs

NFT ID: 9939

Latest Price: $646,917.6 (420.00000 ETH)

Current holder: Unknown NFT Whale (0x51787a2c56d710c681


Smart contract address: 0xc2c747e0f7004f9e8817db2ca


Casting time: June 24, 2017

Appreciation link:


Details: Hashmasks is a light DeFi art NFT group initiated by the Suum Cuique laboratory from Zug, Switzerland. Hashmasks are created by more than 70 artists around the world, totaling 16,384 unique Crypto portraits. Users who hold artworks will accumulate NCT tokens every day, which can be used to choose a name (rename) for the portrait they hold on the Ethereum blockchain.

In the Hashmasks series of NFTs, each has the values ​​and metaphors/implicit characteristics instilled by the artist himself, and they are all unique. On the whole, Hask and CryptoPunk have similar IP mechanisms, but the addition of naming rights and stake concepts gives it more value capture and precipitation methods. At the same time, from an artistic point of view, the personal development of the artist community in Hashmasks will also endow its NFT with increasing value.

3. List of the most promising Game-NFT crypto blockchain projects

Games seem to always appear at the forefront of all new technologies. In the face of eagerness, curiosity, and comparison, we can put aside all cost and risk assessments, break through any complex and difficult use thresholds, and abandon time without hesitation. Concept, immersed in the ocean of dopamine. And if the game not only brings mental pleasure, but also allows you to get dozens of times the return of income, you can imagine how violent the changes brought by Game-NFT will be.

The most amazing thing is that if we integrate the energy, time, and other costs we have spent on games, and consider NFT as a “mineral”, then Game-NFT is actually “I am mining”-unexpectedly, the mining machine actually It’s ourselves.

In order to allow you “mining machines” to dig more valuable mines and successfully capture the “Bitcoin” in the NFT field, in the process of investigating and analyzing the NFT in the Prophet Lab, we have screened out some worthy of understanding and Game-NFT ecology. And hope that this can be done; at the same time, in order to teach people how to fish, it will also provide relevant Game-NFT information acquisition channels:

The Game-NFT discussed by the Prophet Lab here is more biased towards NFT projects with actual game significance and functions. They have established different chain game worlds through WEB or PC, which may have more impact than mere scarcity. The degree of hype has more potential and room for growth.

Therefore, in order to be able to show more Game-NFT forms, in the following introduction, Prophet Lab hides simple collections such as CryptoKitties and similar ones such as AXIE INFINITY ( ). FOMO’s NFT project (their Game elements seem to be a little less), if you want to learn more, you can go to its official check; other NFT projects purely for appreciation and collection, such as NBAtopshot ( https://www.nbatopshot. com ) & SORARE ( ) will also be included in the IP-NFT category for the same reason.

First place: DecentraLand【MANA】

NFT public chain: Ethereum (ETH)

Official website:


DecentraLand was launched in September 2017 and is basically similar to the project model including SandBox and Somnium Space. Developers have created the concept of space on the chain, divided the space, and opened users the right to purchase land with their tokens.

With the growth of MANA’s own market, the detailed introduction of DecentraLand has been very detailed and comprehensive. The Prophet Lab will not repeat it here. You can learn about it through other information similar to the following link: /articles/751673635605.htm

What is more worthy of our attention is that DecentraLand’s NFT applications are mainly concentrated on plots and game equipment. In the long run, their value should be related to the world of crypto games operated by the NFT casting party, the number of users and the superior user experience. Inferiority and attractiveness to new users will become factors that affect the value of these NFTs. Compared with relatively simple collection models such as CryptoKitties, the introduction of AR/VR and open sandbox concepts will undoubtedly provide NFTs with stronger value support and broader growth space in terms of game fun and other aspects.

And including on-chain social networking, asset transactions, identity systems, etc., can also be established based on similar blockchain game worlds. Although they are constantly questioned in terms of user experience and hype, it can be said that blockchain games with NFT as the core We have entered a completely new world. Regarding the actual game experience of DecentraLand, you can also learn more through the following article:

It is worth noting that DecentraLand’s NFT transaction amount has reached $2,674,182.63/week, and the number of historical transactions has reached 120,113. These data represent the activeness of this crypto game world and is the most leading game-NFT project of its kind.

Second place: Somnium Space

NFT public chain: Ethereum (ETH)

Official website:


Somnium Space is an open, social and persistent virtual reality world built on the Ethereum blockchain. Buy land, build or import items, and you can immediately have fun or profit from it. A universe completely shaped by players!

Through the official introduction, it is not difficult to find that the game mode of Somnium Space is not much different from DencentraLand and SandBox. But compared to the latter two, Somnium Space’s VR progress seems to be faster. At the same time, its association with public chains such as Matic and its senior experience in VR may also bring breakthroughs from different perspectives for its NFT.

Somnium Space’s transaction volume currently reaches $1,818,699.41/week, but its transaction users and transaction numbers are far from DencentraLand and SandBox. The total number of historical transactions is only 3,275. As mentioned earlier, the number of users and activity are the core support of this type of Game-NFT, so we need to be alert to the risk of malicious hype by giant whales in Somnium Space.

Third place: SandBox【SAND】

NFT public chain: Ethereum (ETH)

Official website:


SandBox is essentially not much different from DecentraLand, but there are still many differences in specific aspects such as project promotion planning and product release rhythm. SandBox is a community-driven UGC-voxel (user-generated content) platform where users can own their own LAND and put their creations into it. Users can buy, sell and trade their works on the secondary market, and truly become a part of the user-built world, in this world, everything you see is built by the community and built for the community.

The SandBox official will mainly drive the development of the SandBox world through the construction of infrastructure such as the trading market and game development tools. At this point, SandBox will be more community-based than DecentraLand. Although the uncertainty of its development may be stronger, we believe that the creative ability of its community will certainly live up to high expectations.

From a data perspective, SandBox has a transaction volume of $687,426.94 U/week and a historical turnover of 81,856 times, which is already rare on the current ETH chain with high gas fees.

4. MAX for innovation! Three Game-NFT projects worthy of your attention


In addition to the web-based Game-NFT project, there are many large-scale games on the way that choose to deeply integrate NFT into the game mechanism. At present, the NFT application and design of large-scale PC-side games are mainly based on actual game asset circulation, and the financial attributes are not very strong. But this may be the reason why this type of NFT can have lasting vitality and long-term development space.

The game industry has always had a mirage jewel that everyone can’t reach—all gamers explicitly or secretly hope and desire that the game world built by themselves can be regarded as the real world by the player: the player takes the product in the game Trade as a consensus asset, attach your emotions to the game world, empathize with the emotions of NPCs, and form a deeper connection with other players in the game, which means that players truly enter and become in the game world A member of the.

And this has also become a disguised standard for judging whether a game is good or bad-“Yugioh” can be fired up to tens of millions of cards by fans after a long time; “Legend” can be split into thousands There are tens of thousands of private servers, but there are still people who are tireless; “Minecraft” has been modified by fans with countless interesting Mods. After all, a good game is a good consensus tool.

The world created by gamers is like other products born for human spiritual entertainment, literature, film and television, handicrafts, and artworks. Only by condensing more consensus can they obtain the qualifications to spread, evolve and be continuously pursued by people.

NFT can provide these game worlds with an underlying platform that all members can trust, and can support a larger value and application ecosystem. In the future world belonging to the blockchain, the game itself may be integrated with the products in the form of IM/social/shopping; and NFT will inevitably gain deeper value capture as people’s attention and time shift. .

First place: Blankos

NFT public chain: EOS

Official website:


Before Blankos, we may have known the popular European and American “Humanity” and “Jelly Bean Man”, both of which created unimaginable traffic and economic myths. “Jelly Bean” is the PC game with the highest Crypto revenue in the history of mankind. Its PC version attracted 8.2 million players and revenue reached 185 million U.S. dollars. SuperData pointed out in the report that since May 2016 (“Overwatch”), “Jelly Bean” has also set a record for the highest monthly revenue of a PC-side Crypto game.

The game mechanism of Jelly Bean Man is that players operate the Q version of the characters in different maps produced by the official to conduct obstacle races and attack each other. Each game is short and concise, which is in line with the trend of “fast games” in the game trend. Players can Buy a variety of props to dress up your character, communicate and collaborate with other players, it can be said to be six to thirty, suitable for all ages.

The trends of “Humanity” and “Jelly Bean” have driven many game companies to follow suit. Games such as Party Animals have tried to gain a place in the era of fast games through micro-innovation. However, games such as “Human Disappeared” and “Jelly Bean” require a lot of original input, including maps, gameplay mechanisms, character materials, textures, game engine tuning, etc., which require leaders in different fields to join and collaborate.

Blankos was developed by Mythical in 2018. The essence of Blankos is not much different from that of Jellybeans. Even the account system is also a centralized game registration. However, Blankos brings it through two key factors. The power to change the blockchain game.

First of all, the world of Blankos is open. Blankos supports players to create game maps and game modes by themselves. The official role is to create exemplary game modes, and then provide a steady stream of maps and props. We must know that what jelly beans people have been criticized for is the unity of maps and models, and there is excuse in its models. After all, the development of these maps and models requires a lot of work input and verification. Blankos allows players to continuously eliminate and improve the maps created by different players, and finally discover the most playable modes and maps.

With easy-to-understand game maps and pattern creation tools, everyone can become a game developer. Race, FPS, auto chess, etc. With tools, there are unlimited possibilities.

Secondly, the game elements of Blankos will be NFTized. Compared with the million-dollar NFT “artwork” that big players exchange hands with each other, Blankos will make the blockchain truly a new era game carrier that the general public can participate in. The general public means the market and means Crowd, which means unlimited attraction to capital. This may be even more exciting than PayPal’s acceptance of Crypto currency.

Blankos has designed a lot of details with blockchain thinking. For example, the game character will be in a boxed state after purchase, and if the player wants to use it, it must be opened. Once the package is opened, it means that the NFT will be destroyed. As players continue to metabolize, different NFTs will be constantly consumed by players.

In addition, in terms of game pages, animations, music, etc., Blankos is very good at playing. Many elements of partial punk and niche art have been added to Blankos’ original production.

Second place: Infinite Fleet

NFT public chain: Ethereum (ETH)

Official website:


Infinite Fleet is a PC-side massively multiplayer online real-time strategy (MMO) game developed by Pixelmatic. Like Blankos, it will give its NFT value through a huge background story universe and systematic equipment and game item systems.

According to the official introduction: exploring the vast universe and galaxies, the story is up to you. As the USF fleet commander, your mission is to defeat the cruel alien creature Atrox. By building your own fleet, traveling through the interstellar to defend the territory, work with your partners to turn the tide of the battle and change the destiny of the entire mankind. It is not difficult to see that InfiniteFleet will be a space concept game with the same theme as “No Man’s Sky” and “Elite: Dangerous”, and this seems to be innately compatible with blockchain and NFT.

Although only a few trailers have been released, the game party has completed fundraising for qualified investors through several platforms, and has sufficient capital and resources to complete matters including game development, promotion, localization, etc. .

Regarding the application of NFT, it can only be determined that the various types of spaceships, cannons and other components in the game will be NFTized and can be traded between different players.

Third place: Dark Forest

NFT public chain: Xdai (Test V0.5 version)

Official website:


Darkforest is an on-chain game built using zk-snarks, derived from the concept of dark forest in the “Three-Body” of Chinese writer Liu Cixin.

Darkforest is a geek game followed by Vitalik Buterin, currently running on a POA (which can be simply understood as an alliance chain) blockchain Xdai. The game is extremely creative and contains advantages and elements such as hash map + NFT + gameplay. It has been deployed by many public chain forks during the closed beta period. At the same time, the team is still launching a plug-in mechanism to enhance the freedom and development space of the game, and it is expected to become a leader in minimal Web blockchain games.

NFT application form: Darkforest’s game logic is that players need to survive and strengthen themselves in the unknowable universe in order to ensure an advantage when facing the constellations controlled by other players. Every planet can produce energy, and energy can be used to attack other planets. Some planets can also use energy as a barrier, and the difficulty of conquering different planets is related to the upper limit of their energy storage. In addition, there are resources such as silver mines that can be used to upgrade the planet.

In this game background, increasing energy and obtaining more silver mines have become the main goals of players. Darkforest transforms some items that can improve the planet’s attributes in the game such as ruins, / and other NFTs. Players can use a computer to calculate the hash value locally to “open up the map” and discover more ruins, etc., and can also purchase various crowns and other NFT Equipment to improve planet attributes. At the same time, these NFTs can be moved between different planets, and trading should be supported in the future.

In the Internet age, games cannot consolidate and carry consensus for a long time. It will form what it calls a “tradition” and will gradually turn in a wrong direction. It will be disgusted by players, killed by operators, and eventually will Turning off the server is like the governance of a country. In an environment that is not open enough, you can never expect that every person in power is good enough, and few people are qualified enough to be qualified by people. Recognize to become a new centralized manager; therefore, the life you have accumulated in these games will be cleared, tampered with, precious will become no longer precious, and meaningful will become no longer meaningful.

The significance of Game-NFT seems to be: NFT based on blockchain can make mirages come true. Because the blockchain is the best consensus carrier, it will also become the DNA of game consensus. Blockchain can help us to jump out of the “historical cycle” in areas other than the economy, thereby establishing a more reasonable value system.

Our emotions are common and sustainable. The Prophet Lab believes that valuable games will also become a souvenir of our culture like works of art and will be recognized and agreed by later generations. At the same time, we will also explore the application of Game NFT products in the NFT system of Prophet Lab to solve the NFT circulation and value conversion in different Game systems.

5. Gold is difficult to dig and sell shovel, the most worthy of NFT concept project of your attention

The NFT (nonfungible token) ecosystem is still in the initial stage of barbarous and disorderly development. The lack of an effective casting/circulation mechanism makes the collection of NFTs often require a very high cognitive threshold. The one-click tooling of NFT and the NFT issued by a large number of unknown users attracted by the myth of wealth creation have greatly dispersed market attention, and cannot capture the attention and consensus from the community at all, let alone have the potential for value-added.

In other words, the participation of Art-NFT and FI-NFT in the current NTF application scenarios requires close attention to the dynamics of related projects and determine the direction of hot money hype; IP-NFT and Game-NFT require users to be IP, such as Basketball/anime/star/football related fields have a deep understanding, or need to invest a lot of time and energy to understand the scarcity and value of NFT in the game community. It can be seen that if the existing NFT is not blindly charging to take over, but wants to participate in the long-term and obtain continuous positive cash flow, it needs to invest more costs than pure capital.

Since it is impossible or difficult to become the group of people who mine gold, we can think in the opposite direction: no matter what kind of NFT asset, it needs to be run in a certain public chain or DeFi project contract, and the bubble overflowed by their own hype , It will inevitably flow out to its basic public chain. Since the FLOW public chain carrying NBAtopshot was sold on Coinlist in 2020, it has grown 310 times from 0.1 USDT/FLOW to 31.6 USDT/FLOW. No matter who is digging for gold, a shovel is always needed, and selling shovel does not need to consider the geological topography/vein distribution and mining analysis. Although the individual income is far less than the NFT itself, its overall value growth is not inferior. For example, the concept of NFT public chain FLOW started at 0.1 USDT when Coinlist was on sale, and it has been continuously sought after with the help of NFT products such as NBAtopshot. The current market price is 32 USDT.

The following data is sorted according to the current (20210320) market value:

No.1 Enjin Token (ENJ)

Official introduction: Enjin Token (ENJ) is a Crypto value storage carrier that supports blockchain assets (such as NFTs). Each NFT asset minted on the Enjin platform contains ENJ tokens. ENJ is locked in the NFT and removed with the circulation of NFT assets.

Enjin provides a software-integrated blockchain ecosystem, so that everyone can easily develop, trade, and certify various Crypto assets, and conduct marketing activities in the blockchain market. Witek Radomski, the co-founder of Enjin, once wrote the code for the first non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and he was also one of the pioneers who created the ERC-1155 Ethereum token standard. The Enjin ecosystem is built on a strong blockchain infrastructure, enabling game developers and companies of all sizes to tokenize Crypto assets as part of their acquisition, retention, and user stickiness and profitability strategies.

The Enjin ecosystem is promoted by the Enjin Token (ENJ), which is a Crypto value storage carrier used to support the value of NFTs blockchain assets. Every asset minted on the Enjin platform contains ENJ, which is locked inside and removed with circulation.

ENJ analysis: Enijin ecology has made a huge contribution to the development of NFT, including related protocol proposals, NFT casting tools, gamification design concepts, etc., and is therefore recognized by the market. Unfortunately, ENJ has not officially launched its NFT products. On the contrary, there have been many NFT games and communities built with ENJ tools. This has been criticized by the ENJ community. Before more detailed information is updated, the actual application status of ENJ may not be clear.

No.2 DecentraLand(MANA)

Official introduction: Decentraland is a virtual reality platform powered by Ethereum. In this virtual world, there is no limit to what you can do. This is the first Crypto platform entirely owned by users. Similar to games like Skyrim and Fallout, Decentraland is a fully immersive virtual universe. However, instead of playing on a two-dimensional screen, you are participating in a three-dimensional world. This seems to be the next logical step before creating a comprehensive artificial intelligence game in the physical space, such as “Western World”. Similar groups on LAND are basically communities around a common theme. For example, there may be a zone that only provides cryptocurrency applications and services for crypto enthusiasts.

The Decentraland team is led by Ari Meilich (Project Leader) and Esteban Ordano (Technical Leader). Ordano worked as a software engineer at Bitpay and founded Smart Contract Solutions. The two founders also co-founded Stremium and Bitcore. Decentraland has been around longer than you think. The team reached their first development milestone-Stone Age in June 2015. This is a simple pixelated grid that assigns pixels to users through a work verification algorithm.

Token use: MANA is a token used to purchase land in Decentraland. You can join the blockchain platform to buy or sell various Crypto assets in the virtual world.

Decentraland coin is not a mineable cryptocurrency because it is issued on the Ethereum blockchain, unlike Bitcoin and other similar currencies.

MANA analysis: MANA is currently the only payment method for land transactions in Decentraland. At the same time, there will still be other roles and equipment available for MANA transactions in the future. And it is conceivable that in order to ensure the distributed and healthy development of the Decentraland ecosystem, the governance significance of MANA will also be gradually strengthened in the game, which may bring more momentum to MANA in terms of liquidity lock-in and value assignment.

The risk of MANA may be that before the creation of content and value is formally formed, its land has been elevated very high by speculators, which has created an ever-higher threshold for artists and other content creators to join. At the same time, too many bubbles may cause Decentraland to miss the opportunity to acquire ordinary users in this round of market cycles and no longer have too much room for growth.


Official introduction: Flow by Dapper Labs (the company that created CryptoKitties) is a blockchain network designed to be fast, safe and developer-friendly. Just like the hazards of high transaction fees seen during the CryptoKitties hype, new blockchain ideas for games and social networks were conceived after Ethereum faced major scalability issues. The Flow team inferred that shards and sidechains will not be a long-term solution for applications that pursue performance. Flow investors include Andreessen Horowitz, Warner Music Group, Union Square Ventures, Digital Currency Group and other large supporters.

Token usage: Flow is the basic underlying token of FlowChain, which can be used to pay for public chain resources related costs, just like ETH’s status to Ethereum. We have not yet discovered the role of Flow in other aspects including public chain governance.

FLOW analysis: The current economic model of FLOW is mainly the same as ETH, and the consumption of GAS fee can provide continuous precipitation and lock-in for FLOW. But compared with ETH, which has huge DeFi demand, the real application channel of FLOW is relatively single. Its market value is more derived from the overflow value and market expectations of other Game-NFTs based on this public chain, including NBA Top Shot.

In the same way, if the FLOW team keeps raising the game-NFT, then doing a good job of the basic chain can also fully support the value discovery of FLOW. It is worth learning from the Prophet Lab that 1) FLOW proves that a good NFT hot project or IP will be extremely beneficial to launch the entire NFT ecosystem. 2) For the needs of different users, the product form and logic do not need to be constrained at all (for example, when the NBA faces traditional user groups, it supports fiat currency payments and provides a better user experience through other centralized credit enhancement mechanisms. .)


Introduction: WAX is a specially established blockchain and protocol token designed to make e-commerce transactions faster, simpler and safer for all participants. The WAX ​​blockchain uses Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) as its consensus mechanism and is fully backward compatible with EOS. The custom functions and incentive mechanism developed by WAX are designed to optimize the usability of blockchain in e-commerce and encourage voting on guilds and proposals.

WAX has created a set of blockchain-based tools on which to build dApps, markets, and native non-fungible tokens (NFT). These tools include services that support e-commerce businesses, such as WAX Cloud Wallet, SSO and OAUTH, native RNG services, and developer portals. According to reports, the resulting technology represents a blockchain architecture with a block time of 500 milliseconds, which is free for customers, and uses voting rewards to incentivize the choice of block producers and proposals.

Token purpose: As the underlying asset of the public blockchain, WAX also represents the right to allocate resources on the chain. At the same time, a large number of NFT projects on the WAX ​​chain have their official teams, and many support WAX’s own applications.

WAXP analysis: WAX has the same structure as EOS, and also includes concepts such as CPU/NET/RAM. This provides WAX with high performance that other POW/POS public chains cannot match, but it also has some impact on its decentralized properties. At the same time, many NFT projects on the WAXP public chain can find very similar products in ETH. Although the performance of the public chain is strong enough, WAXP needs to be able to attract users from the outside to its ecology in order to achieve high-performance value; and with the silence of EOS, the development of WAX has become increasingly gloomy.

6. Information acquisition channels

In addition, being able to obtain NFT hotspots/early information early and becoming the first group to participate is also one of the best ways to participate in NFT. But for ordinary users, they don’t have much time and energy to pay attention to, retrieve, and analyze relevant information.

So how to ensure that we improve the efficiency and timeliness of obtaining NFT information? How to see the true status of NFT more thoroughly and analyze it? In the world of blockchain, we need to make good use of tools to keep up with the trend. Through the combination of data and other news sources, you may be able to become an early waver of different NFT products.

We have used the following tools and websites to obtain this information, hoping to help you better explore in the NFT world, remember to collect it:

Data analysis / comprehensive tools

CryptoSlam【NFT transaction history / data analysis website】

Nonfungibe【NFT transaction history / data analysis website】

ArtNFT sales/issuance platform

Niftygateway【NFT Art Auction Sales Platform】

Makers place【Art NFT Auction Release】

SuperRare【Art NFT Auction Release】

Foundation【NFT Art Market】

Rarible【NFT Minting and Issuing Token System】

Fraction【NFT casting and trading platform with access mechanism】

NFT trading market

Opensea [NFT & domain name issuance / sales platform]

Newitem【Heco NFT/Token Auction Distribution Platform】

TreasureLand【BSC on-chain NFT market】

Innovation NFT

CryptoHistory【3D on-chain NFT】

CryptoVoxels【3D NFT Art Gallery】

SomniumSpace【VR+Matic Chain NFT Museum / Casting / Ecology】

Fraction【DAOFI’s NFT Market-Closure Rights Restriction-Holding NFT Airdrops】

NFT Products / Artwork



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