Here’s Why SpaceCatch and CATCH Tokens Have Huge Upside Potential

The SpaceCatch game combines traditional mobile games with augmented reality, blockchain and NFT technology, and introduces the innovative concept of “Mobile Earn Money”.

The CATCH token forms the economic basis of the SpaceCatch game. This gaming token was designed with a focus on sustainability and long-term growth potential, which the developers have successfully achieved. Let’s take a look at why CATCH has the potential for massive growth.

space capture game

Behind this new token is a newSpaceCatchgame. The game combines classic mobile games with modern technologies such as augmented reality, blockchain and NFTs. This combination will provide players with a brand new gaming experience.

CATCH Token Economics

The biggest focus of token creation is long-term sustainability. Today, the vast majority of game tokens are built on a low initial circulating supply, offering “rewards” in the form of such inflationary tokens that create no value at all. Instead, there will be inflationary selling pressure, which is completely against the early adopters – the people who care most about the SpaceCatch game.

That’s why the SpaceCatch game developers decided to create a token that best rewards early adopters and achieves long-term sustainability. An important fact is that almost 60% of the tokens will be in circulation immediately after launch. This significantly reduces future inflationary pressure – 5% to 10% of the initial circulating supply of traditional game tokens. This means that for traditional games, the inflation pressure is around 1000% to 2000%, while for CATCH tokens, it is slightly lower than 100%.

Most of the CATCH tokens will also be available to retail investors and players during the pre-sale. Therefore, there will be no significant selling pressure from external investment funds in the future. It is worth noting that the game itself does not rely on external funding, as it has enough of its own resources.

CATCH utility

In the SpaceCatch game, CATCH tokens will act as premium currency. In traditional mobile games, players have the option to purchase various gems with real money to gain access to advanced features. However, in the SpaceCatch game, the CATCH token fully assumes this role, functioning as a premium currency and unlocking various bonus features in the game.

It’s important to note that CATCH is not a game reward. Thus, eliminating the inflationary sell-off pressure experienced by other blockchain gamers. The only inflation CATCH will generate is through staking. It is designed to reward early adopters to the greatest extent possible. Currently, the staking plan is five years, with rewards halved every year.

All in all, CATCH is designed to act as a store of value and increase in value over time.

final words

The CATCH token forms the basis of the game economy for the new SpaceCatch game. It is intended to be a store of value and minimize all sell pressure and inflation. It will play an important role in the gaming ecosystem, and if the game is successful, its value could skyrocket.

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