Helping the development of cryptocurrencies, CoinEx announces sponsorship of Bitcoin 2023

On May 18th, the world’s largest bitcoin event, Bitcoin 2023, will be held in Miami, USA. It is expected that more than 20,000 participants, 2,000 companies and 150 speakers will participate. As an established global cryptocurrency asset trading platform in the industry, CoinEx is honored to announce that we will sponsor and participate in the Bitcoin 2023 conference to celebrate the birth of Bitcoin technology with participants and help the development of encryption.

The Bitcoin 2023 conference will gather business leaders, professional investors and technology pioneers in the field of cryptocurrency, and provide various themed evenings, bitcoin bazaars, speeches and other activities for cryptocurrency enthusiasts on site. During the 3-day Bitcoin 2023 conference, CoinEx Exchange will introduce the functions of the exchange to conference participants through LED videos, and demonstrate its unique cryptocurrency technology capabilities and product advantages.

Helping the development of cryptocurrencies, CoinEx announces sponsorship of Bitcoin 2023-1

As one of the Bitcoin exchanges, CoinEx has been committed to making cryptocurrency asset transactions easier. The platform has gathered more than 700 high-quality trading currencies, and supports currency transactions, perpetual contracts, leveraged transactions, AMM market making and Financial management and other products and services can meet the needs of various cryptocurrency investors, and is a leader in the field of cryptocurrency asset trading.

At the beginning of its establishment, CoinEx relied on a development and operation team with rich blockchain experience to create an easy-to-use, safe and reliable cryptocurrency asset trading product through research and development of advanced blockchain technology and professional cryptocurrency asset management tools , trusted by users all over the world. As a leading cryptocurrency asset trading platform in the industry, the advantages of CoinEx exchange not only lie in advanced technology and stable system, but also have multiple security measures and professional services.

Over the past five years, CoinEx has always adhered to its original aspiration, focused on providing users with better products and services through technological innovation and upgrading, and realized fast and convenient cryptocurrency transactions. At the same time, CoinEx puts user experience first, actively promotes product optimization, and improves trading depth to meet users’ various trading needs for cryptocurrency assets. Last year, CoinEx launched the “Merkel Tree” audit method as a proof of reserves, and promised to maintain a 100% reserve rate, coupled with multiple security verification mechanisms, to truly protect users’ assets at all times.

CoinEx has always adhered to the simple and easy-to-use product concept, with user-friendly interface design and functional layout. By providing safe and high-quality crypto currency asset trading services, it has achieved stable growth in the number of users. Currently, CoinEx has more than 4 million global users, with an average daily turnover of more than 400 million US dollars.

The holding of the Miami Bitcoin 2023 conference will promote the further development of the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. CoinEx Exchange, as an important sponsor of this event, will help the conference to be held smoothly and promote the globalization of blockchain technology. Contribute to the popularity of the Internet and promote the role of cryptocurrencies to play a greater role.

Helping the development of cryptocurrencies, CoinEx announces sponsorship of Bitcoin 2023-2

In the past year, CoinEx has sponsored and attended many industry ceremonies and exhibitions such as Paris Blockchain Week and British Rugby. It marks that CoinEx has been highly recognized by the cryptocurrency industry and has stepped onto the international stage.

CoinEx hopes to take the opportunity of sponsoring Bitcoin 2023 to convey its brand concept and platform advantages to the world. At the same time, it will work hand in hand with global blockchain entrepreneurs to explore and discover the infinite possibilities and values ​​of blockchain technology and create a better future together. The new era of blockchain. In the future, CoinEx will continue to support and promote blockchain technology innovation, and continuously improve the quality and stability of cryptocurrency asset transactions. We believe that CoinEx will continue to maintain a leading position in the field of cryptocurrency asset trading, and provide users with better and more convenient trading services.

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