Hebdo Cryptocurrency #231 – Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News of the Week

March 2006 Week In Brief – The news around Bitcoin and crypto keeps turbulent. Critical information can get lost in the daily flow of information, and you can miss important information. This format can solve this problem. We at Hebdo Crypto are back with news from the past week to keep you updated on the current state of crypto.

Not to be missed this week

For this week’s unmissable content, we find our dear Editor-in-Chief, Hellmouth Banner. This one is taking advantage of the chaotic cryptocurrency market to launch a new utility column on cryptocurrency scams.

Fake airdrop, real liar.

Welcome to a new column on the Journal du Coin. This time, we’ll set aside our natural optimism about the potential and future of Bitcoin and the entire cryptocurrency industry to deliver a scathing and uncompromising account of the industry’s less glamorous scenarios. .

In fact, this section aims to expose, dissect, explain—if possible—prevent—the various scams, pitfalls, and other scams that tend to proliferate in the shadow of adolescence in an industry at the crossroads of new technologies and Finance 2.0.For novice investors or enthusiastic investors, this concoction makes perhaps the worst cocktail of all, but it’s a bit naive, amateurish: if drunkenness is guaranteed, hangovers are sometimes indeed a carbine

View the full text: Fake airdrops, real liars.

Cryptocurrency News in Brief

▶ Binance launches its “anti-scam” program. Through the initiative, the platform hopes to rely on local police resources to fight cryptocurrency scams. A trial in Hong Kong appears to have had encouraging results.

▶ Consensys announced the date of its zkEVM testnet. As such, the company’s second-layer solution will open the doors to its public testnet on March 28.

▶ Jack Dorsey has opened up a new outlet to help Bitcoin’s Lightning Network. Named “C=”, its mission is to aid in the adoption of Bitcoin, especially through the Lightning Network.

▶ Amazon has announced a platform for buying and selling NFTs. This should see the light of day in April 2023, and should be accompanied by a collection of about 15 partners.

▶ Rollkit launched its rollup solution for Bitcoin. Therefore, the Modular Rollup Framework introduces a sovereign rollup solution that uses Bitcoin as the data availability layer.

▶ Terawulf launches nuclear-powered BTC mining project. This will happen in Binance, which will be attached to a 2.5 GW nuclear power plant.

▶ Le Journal du Coin continues its series of educational videos, and in this week’s menu, there is a video on cryptocurrency consensus.

5 indicators of the week

➤ $16.5 million, which is the amount Yuga Labs raised when it sold its Bitcoin NFT. In fact, the studio launched a collection of 300 NFTs via the Ordinals protocol on Bitcoin.

The Twelvefold Collection is a hit from Yuga Labs.

➤ €156,593 is the amount a Montpellier resident lost in a cryptocurrency scam. So, he was taken in by a certain Maxime Lebon, who was involved in a major cryptocurrency scam.

➤ $1.59 million, the amount stolen from the Tender.fi protocol following a breach. Fortunately, the hackers turned out to be white hats and returned the funds in exchange for bug bounty rewards.

Tender.fi flaws.

➤ $700,000 is the amount Vitalik Buterin earned by collating his shitcoins. In fact, many projects send tokens to their Vitalik.eth addresses. However, Vitalik was ruthless and sold all his chips.

Vitalik sells his junkcoins.

➤ -93% is the recorded drop in the price of the Huobi Toke (HT) token. As a result, the token suddenly dropped from $4.81 to $0.31 on the Huobi exchange.

tweets of the week

Tweet this week to @Artem_Oak warning us of Twitter ad promotion scams. As always, caution is the mother of security.

It’s crazy that on Twitter we managed to get rid of bots but not ads highlighting scams

Be careful what links you click 👍 pic.twitter.com/5lxwYRGAci

– Artem Oak (@Artem_Oak) March 9, 2023

Have a great week at Journal du Coin 🙂

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