Hebdo Cryptocurrency #219 – Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News of the Week

In short, the week of November 28th – Bitcoin and cryptocurrency news has been turbulent. Critical information can get lost in the daily flow of information, and you can miss important information. This format can solve this problem. We at Hebdo Crypto are back with news from the past week to keep you updated on the current state of crypto.

Cryptocurrency News in Brief

▶ The ECB is doubling down on its hostility towards Bitcoin. So she published a blog post in which she declared that Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are in an irreversible decline.

▶ The security of secret network protocols may be compromised. Thus, flaws in SGX technology could lead to obtaining decryption keys for private transactions on the network.

▶ Decentralized exchange Uniswap has launched its own NFT platform. At the same time, DEX conducted a USDC airdrop of $5 million.

▶ The London Stock Exchange launches a new cryptocurrency index. These indices cover both large-cap and small-cap stocks in the ecosystem.

▶ Facing the fall of FTX, Europe wants to promote the MiCa method. At least that’s the view of Christine Lagarde, who argues that a regulatory ecosystem is absolutely necessary.

▶ Following an important debate surrounding Cosmos’ governance proposals, Sami and Benoit brought together several players in the ecosystem to better understand the situation and its challenges.

5 indicators of the week

➤ 30% is the proportion of employees who were laid off on the Kraken exchange platform. The company pointed to market conditions.

➤ 20 billion, which is the amount of aBNBc fraudulently issued in one attack. In the attacker’s case, he was able to sell some of it and get back his $6 million loot.

aBNBc folds after hack.aBNBc folds after hack.

➤ 30% is the frozen Genesis fund share on FTX. The company, now insolvent, said it was exploring options to face the crisis.

➤ $4.1 million, which is the amount passed by the FTX hacker through the OKX platform. In fact, the funds came from BTC he mixed via ChipMixer.

ZachXBT presents its findings.ZachXBT presents its findings.

➤ $1 billion is the amount of Alameda Research and FTX’s debt to BlockFi. It’s a catastrophic situation for companies that haven’t lost hope.

tweets of the week

Tweets this week to @ColdBloodShil and Sam Bankman-Fried’s interview on Good Morning America.

Full interview.

Watch 1:37 and 3:55 for absolute creepiness in stealing customer deposits.


— Cold Blood Shil (@ColdBloodShil) December 1, 2022

Have a great week at Journal du Coin 🙂

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