Gym Positivity CEO announces support for Ripple and XRP.he said so

Joey Swoll, CEO of Gym Positivity, confirmed that he has been a supporter of Ripple and XRP since 2019. The fitness enthusiast, who aims to banish gym negativity, made the disclosure while answering a question from prominent XRP YouTuber Mickle on Twitter.

The Swoll disclosure came as a shock to most XRP community members. In a tweet, Mickle asked if the fitness expert was a secret member of the XRP community.

In response, Swoll said he has followed Mickle’s teaching about XRP every night since he started learning about the token in 2019.

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The CEO tweeted his love for the XRP community members and thanked Mickle and the community members for the teachings he has been following about XRP.

Swoll tweeted: “He watches @xrpmickle every night on YouTube. No secret I’ve been a supporter of @Ripple and #XRP since I started in 2019. Love the community, love the education We are amazing people who grow the community like you, sir. Thank you for all you do”

Wait @TheJoeySwoll is #XRPCommunity 👀👀 Secret member of

– mickle☀ (@xrpmickle) May 20, 2023

How Swoll justified his claim as an XRP supporter

Shortly after the Gym Positivity CEO caused a stir on Twitter by announcing his public support for the cross-border cryptocurrency company, he posted another update describing how he assisted in the purchase of Gym memberships for clients using XRP.

Additionally, Swoll noted that he also helped the same client start saving the Crypto token XRP to buy a car.

“Yeah I even made a video for people who were struggling and bought them a gym membership in XRP and opened an account to save money for a car in XRP He’s a great young man, I can’t wait to help him get that car,” Swall tweeted.

Yep I even made a video for people who were struggling and bought gym memberships for them with XRP and opened an account and started saving money for cars with XRP He is a great young man and I Can’t wait to buy him that car one day

— Joey Swoll (@TheJoeySwoll) May 20, 2023

What Swoll Support Means for the XRP Community

At press time, it was not confirmed whether Swoll owned any XRP tokens. However, his acceptance of XRP as a Crypto asset was welcomed by members of the XRP community.

In response to Swoll’s Ripple and XRP confirmation, Mickle wrote: “Wow my mind was blown away Thank you so much bro” I’m a big fan of you too and everything you do for fitness culture. You just made my week with this message, you are a real person to this Joey. “

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