Goldman Sachs opposed to investing in Bitcoin? Has used Bitcoin to launder 6 billion dollars

Why did Goldman Sachs Bank at the same level object to Bitcoin when Wall Street God-level funds and famous Wall Street fund manager Paul Tudor Jones, etc., successively entered Bitcoin?

Today, the banking giant Goldman Sachs held a high-profile customer phone agreement, during which it raised the topic of cryptocurrencies. Surprisingly, they made severe criticisms of the crypto market and called against Bitcoin.

However, Goldman Sachs is one-sided with Bitcoin analysts. Financial capital was originally “walking for profit,” and profits drive financial flows. How did Goldman Sachs, as a world-famous bank, suddenly abandon a speculative market and embark on the road of “political correctness”?


Goldman Sachs specifically stated that they do not recommend Bitcoin as a strategic resource because it cannot create cash flow like bonds. According to Goldman Sachs analysts, the world ’s leading cryptocurrency has many other disadvantages: First, it does not generate revenue through exposure to economic growth; Second, it does not prove that it is a reliable hedge against inflation; Third, it has been Used to promote money laundering and purchases on the dark web.

To prove the rationality of this view, Goldman Sachs showed a slide entitled “Cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin is not an asset class”, which contains many points that explain why investors should not add to their portfolio BTC exposure.

In addition, they pointed out that the cryptocurrency’s high volatility, lack of potential value, and its ability to see a single-day sharp decline (as seen on March 12) are not “viable investments.” the reason.


When Goldman Sachs demonstrated its “rightness” in a high profile, it was quickly beaten.

Billionaire Bitcoin entrepreneur and co-founder of cryptocurrency exchange Gemini responded quickly. Tyler Winklevoss said that Goldman Sachs may not have a moral high ground in the illegal use of capital.

“Goldman Sachs sent $ 2.8 billion in Bitcoins to criminal entities in 2019. Goldman Sachs caused $ 6 billion in money laundering in 1MDB from 2012 to 2013, double standards?”

Marcus Swanepoel, CEO of Luno Exchange, said that banking giants do not recommend buying products (bitcoin) that they do not sell. Once Goldman can start selling bitcoin, the situation will fundamentally change.


“Everything in the world is good, and all the bustling is good” is especially suitable for capital. I don’t think that Goldman Sachs will say something wrong because it is “correct” or “threatening.” Most likely, as Marcus said, Goldman does not Will say good things for a business they do n’t run.

Goldman Sachs detailed the shortcomings of cryptocurrency in the proposal, but skipped the advantages, benefits, opportunities, and carefully listened to their opinions.

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