Goldman Sachs invites customers to participate in the Bitcoin conference call, ready to bet on Bitcoin?

Multinational investment bank Goldman Sachs will host a Bitcoin conference call for its clients on May 27. The news was released by The Block ’s Mike Dudas on Friday, and he shared an invitation to join him on May 27 called “Current Policies on Inflation, Gold and Bitcoin “Influence of the conference call”.


The call for the Goldman Sachs conference call invitation has not even happened. Some people have assumed what this indicates and what will happen after the call. Predicting that Goldman Sachs is optimistic about Bitcoin Although Goldman Sachs has not yet indicated the content of the conference call, nor is it clear what the company will comment on Bitcoin, but many in the industry regard this news as a positive signal. A commentator on institutional trends in the cryptocurrency field said that the existence of this demand confirms the true demand of customers for Bitcoin. “The facts, including the discussion of bitcoin, show that they see a lot of interest from customers.” Henrik Andersson, chief information officer of Australian cryptocurrency fund Apollo Capital, tweeted: “Seeing this Goldman Sachs It ’s amazing how the CIO discusses Bitcoin! “


Throughout the past two months, bitcoin’s currency price recovery has brought a new round of “faith recharge”. Although it experienced the third production cut this month, it still does not reduce investors’ huge future development in bitcoin. I look forward to the fact that after more than a decade of development, the price of Bitcoin has increased tens of thousands of times, and has been killed countless times and stood up again countless times. More and more eyes are on the Bitcoin market.

More investors’ interest in bitcoin shifts from buying to more sourced mining. Mining itself can be seen as the exchange of bitcoin at a price lower than the market price every 10 minutes by investing in hardware and electricity. Therefore, if you are optimistic about Bitcoin for a long time, the best way to tune coins is to mine, not to buy coins.

The risk of speculative bitcoin (short-term trading to earn a spread) is higher than that of bitcoin (long-term bullishness), but most bitcoin investors often lack judgment on short-term price changes and “get off the train early.” Cloud computing power brings a small amount of bitcoin income to investors every day, and is also controlling investors to “frequently operate” in disguise. Therefore, for the “believers” of Bitcoin, we gave the suggestion that “scrambled currency is not as good as Tuncoin, and buying currency is not as good as buying computing power.” The market opportunity for cloud computing power is to provide individuals with a more “neutral” investment method. The threshold is lower than that of self-built mines, the risk is lower than short-term operations, and the cost is lower than the market price. It also allows the mine to share costs and risks. Get more generous cash flow.
If you want to join the mining team quickly, if you want to own bitcoin quickly, if you want to securely hoard coins, if you want to have 300 bitcoins in your account, quickly join the cloud computing power to mine bitcoin. . If you want to know more, you can follow more on the bottom left.

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